How to: buy a brand new, 727 hp Muscle car – $39,995

ROUSH Stage 3 vs. Hellcat

With the muscle car wars in full swing, the horsepower per dollar ratio is arguably better than ever. The Hellcat with 707 horsepower, the ROUSH Stage 3 with 670 horsepower and the (14′) Shelby GT500 with 662 horsepower can be purchased for a bargain price of $65,000. There is no possible way to drive a new car off the showroom floor with more power for less money…or is there?

ROUSH Supercharger

Lebanon Ford Performance has found a way to build a 727 horsepower – 2016 Mustang GT for: wait for it… $39,995. This is not a misprint and you are not buying a pre owned vehicle. This is a brand new, 2016 GT with a ROUSH Phase 2 Supercharger. When we are finished, you are a set of tires, a few suspension tweaks and a good driver away from a 10.95 quarter mile. The best part, we can do it all with $0 down, pending credit approval. Your car will be built and ready to roll within a week and can be shipped to your drive way, any where in the United States.

Phase 2 upgrade produces 727 horsepower at the crank and over 600 rwhp.

Give us a call and let’s build your BEAST! If power isn’t all you’re after, we still have you covered. We can do anything from cosmeticĀ upgrades, to adjustable suspension, half shaft upgrades, wheels, tires, and much more. If you can imagine it, we can build it.

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*Price quoted includes dealer discounts and Ford $500 incentive, contact Charlie Watson for further details.

Ford Mustang: Built Nation Wide, Loved World Wide


It’s no wonder why we love the Ford Mustang. The car is a pillar of American culture and is one of the most successful sports cars ever produced. While we see local passion on a daily basis, we were blown away when we met Klaus through the Mustang Owners Facebook page.


Mr. Stadlers love for performance isn’t a recent discovery. He held his first wrench when he was four years old and has been hooked ever since. Fast forward to 1992 and Klaus was experiencing his dream car in reality. On a vacation to Florida, he saw the iconic pony car and absolutely fell in love. His dream was officially realized when he purchased his 2010 convertible Mustang. Just like many of us, he couldn’t leave it alone. The custom wheels and hood scoops weren’t enough, he was determined to build his exotic beauty to compete on the almighty Autobahn. To do that, he needed more power. His supercharger gave him the edge to own the road! Just as he found this passion at a young age, Klaus’s son also enjoys spending time cruising with the top down!


As much as Klaus loves traditional, old school, muscle; he’s very attracted to Ford’s new 2.3L Ecoboost Mustang and says that he dreams of some day adding one to his stable. Klaus has had the opportunity to drive some of the greatest performance vehicles on the road today. Ranging from the Mercedes Benz SLR to the Porsche 911, and even a C6 ZR1 Corvette. With all of that performance, nothing has captured his heart like the Ford Mustang!

Klaus drives an Ecoboost Mustang on the Autobahn!

To share his love with other enthusiasts, Klaus started a Facebook page simply called Mustang Owners. Here, he shares pictures, videos, and the latest Mustang related news with his 24,000 followers! If there is one thing that we’ve learned from Klaus it’s that the Mustang’s success doesn’t come from performance data or build quality. It is a result of nothing more than Passion. Buying a Mustang is more than a transaction, it’s an experience. It’s a lifestyle.

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