LFP: Massive Supercharger Order Placed

Thumbs up
ROUSH team sends LFP a “thumbs up.” 

Lebanon Ford Performance – placed a massive Supercharger order today. How many? Eh, we are going to keep it a mystery. Makes it more fun that way! What we will tell you is that our order amount had six figures in the invoice total. Exciting stuff! Our “727 HP for $39,995” promotion has been one of the most successful dealer based promotions in the world. Why? We believe that it’s because we’ve gone back to the basics.

There are a ton of people searching for the nostalgia that comes with owning a serialized ROUSH Stage 3, or legendary Shelby GT350. We will take great care of them, just like we always have. However, we are also building a car for the buyer that hasn’t received much attention since the sixties. An enthusiast that simply wants exotic levels of power at a price that’s affordable. The LFP 727 car was created to put the customer back in the drivers seat [pun intended].

Every single aspect of the build is customizable. Automatic or manual, premium or base, fastback or convertible. If a customer wants to build a brand new, 727 HP Mustang for less than $40k. No problem! However, that is only the beginning. If they decide they want a full aero R7 body kit and polished 20″ wheels to contribute to a trophy winning, garage kept, show car; we will build it. If they decide they want six piston brakes, upgraded half shafts, 3-way adjustable suspension, and a set of drag radials, we will build it. At LFP, there are no limits. If you can imagine it, we will build it! Period.

We would like to thank every one for their patience as we are working diligently to take care of the thousands of people interested in the LFP 727. We would also like to thank ROUSH Performance for their fantastic service in stepping up to fulfill the orders. They aren’t the best by accident. ;)

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LFP: Military Officer Drives 8 Hours to Visit

Military Visit
Chief Warrant Officer 4 (CW4), David Curtis with Charlie Watson

Lebanon Ford Performance – we received a great honor this morning. As we arrived to the dealership, Chief Warrant Officer 4 (CW4), David Curtis was standing outside our door. Immediately, he let us know that he had driven from Maryland,  simply to meet our team. He gave us great feedback, and let us know how much he appreciated our ideas. We have been blown away by the nation wide support of our mission. Seeing our name written under publications such as Yahoo News, Road and Track, and The Drive, is a huge honor. However, to us, this takes the cake.

David – has been a car nut since he was a kid. It all started when he was sixteen years old. He found himself sitting in the drivers seat of a 1973 Firebird Formula 350. That car lasted one year, and it was only the beginning of an impressive roster of performance cars. When David returned from serving in Desert Storm, he purchased a brand new, 1992 Mustang through Ford’s Military Appreciation Program.

David first joined the Military back in 1987. He graduated flight school (Aeroscout Pilot) in 1988, and airborne school in 1989 (Paratrooper). David served our country in the 82nd Airborne Division (Desert Shield/Storm) from 1990 to 1991. In 1998, he served in the Rhode Island National Guard. From there, he served in Iraq Surge (Kiowa Warrior OH-58D) from 2007-2008. He also spent time serving during the Baltimore Riots. Currently, David is preparing for deployment to the middle east. When he returns from deployment, he hopes to buy one of our 727 HP Mustang’s!  We are extremely honored by this and very thankful to David for his service to our country.

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