Fastest Mustang In The World?

PAE Mustang
Brain’s PAE built racecar

Lebanon Ford Performance- we had the pleasure to work with Brian and Paul Faesseler of Paul’s Automotive Engineering back in 2014. Paul called us and let us know that he and Brian were planning a new project and wanted to purchase a 2015 Mustang. We were extremely excited to partner with this outstanding engineering team that has solidified themselves as Ford Performance experts over the past two decades. The phone call took a surprising turn when Paul said he wanted a base V6 Mustang. Their strategy was to purchase the Mustang body and completely engineer the suspension and power train in house. That sounded crazy at the time, but we had no clue just how radical this car would become.

Brians mustang
Brian blistering the track in his 2015 Mustang

A year and a half later, Brian’s Mustang is one of the fastest, if not the fastest Mustang in road course racing today. We just received word that the PAE team had an outstanding weekend to open the 2016 season. Saturday morning was cold with a slight mist in the air. Paul and Brian were geared up and determined to start 2016 with a bang; and did they ever…

Brian came out of the gate with the fastest warm up at the track which landed him on the pole position and the three second advantage didn’t stop after qualifying. Throughout the afternoon, he battled Aaron Quine and finished with a victory supported by a fifty six second lead. As Brian and his PAE powered Mustang ripped around the track, he lapped all but twelve drivers in the Super Unlimited Class, an extremely impressive accomplishment with over fifty drivers competing. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, the father-son duo finished first and second in the Time Trial Unlimited. Brian’s 2015 Mustang finished a half second before Paul in his 1965.

Moving on to Sunday, the success continued as Brian took the pole position once again. As he tore down the home stretch, on the final lap, he had established another impressive victory. Once the dust settled and the smoke cleared, one thing was apparent; the two PAE powered Mustang’s were the fastest cars on the track that weekend.

Brian and paul
Brian (front) and Paul (rear)

Talking with Brian and Paul is always a rewarding experience. They possess genius levels of automotive, engineering knowledge and have the driving skills to back it up. Brian is honoring the family name well at only 24 years old. We are excited to continue this partnership to see what he can accomplish. Something tells us his future is bright.

Brian and Charlie
Charlie Watson shaking hands with Brian as they purchase the 2015 Mustang

The PAE race car was rocking the #KYLERSTRONG decal that weekend. We would like to take some time to send thoughts and prayers to the Bradley family. Kyler’s fight was more than strong. He inspired strength in not only his local community, but people all over the world. If you would like to help support his family, please visit their GoFundMe page.

LFP Ships 22 Hours: 727 HP GT

Mangseth 727 2
Derek’s 727 HP BEAST loaded up for her 22 hour journey home to TX!

Lebanon Ford Performance  –  New distance record! First, we would like to take some time to thank Derek for his business and welcome him to the LFP family! Over the last several weeks, we have worked closely with him to create his ROUSHcharged GT. The moment Derek’s car arrived to his driveway, he broke the distance record for our promotion. This record was previously held by another gear head, living in Texas. The question is, what are they putting in y’all’s water? (I think they say y’all in Texas) – Whatever it is, keep it up!

Video of Supercharged GT

Derek’love for cars didn’t develop over night. He shared stories of how the search for his first very first car resulted in a 1980 Z28 with t-tops and a 305 V8. Just a few months later, Derek found himself sitting in the Z28 with the nose pointed to victory at Cordova Drag Way. In 1990, he won the “Battle of the Highschools” drag competition. At that moment, it was official, he was hooked. As time went on, cars turned to motorcycles and at the height of his drag racing glory, Derek ran 9.25 quarter mile on a nitrous powered, Hayabusa! After leaving the bike scene, Derek went through a pretty impressive collection of performance vehicles including a custom built, turbo-Sky and BMW M5. With all of that horsepower in his past, he decided that his commute just wasn’t the same in his pick up truck. He had the horsepower bug again. That’s when he stumbled upon…the beast; our 727 HP GT!

Mangseth 727
Clean and ready to ship to Texas!

The Car – Although Derek saw great value in our base 727 HP GT for $39,995, he decided to make some upgrades. So, we brought in a beautiful, DIB, Performance Pack GT as the foundation for his build. We added optional Ford Racing lowering springs, ROUSH exhaust, and Ford Racing X pipe. Once that was complete, 15% window tint was added to defend the cockpit against the intense heat that blisters the Texas asphalt each summer. After his car received the ascetic upgrades, it was time for the heart of it all…the ROUSH Supercharger.

Phase 2 – 727 HP (shown with optional ROUSH coil covers)

What did he think?  “After owning now for a week, I can say that the car is everything I hoped for. Beautiful color scheme, very comfortable interior, huge HP and the nastiest exhaust note on the street. Overall, this has been a great experience and one that I would recommend to all the “gear heads” out there!!” – Derek

For more info on our 727 HP for $39,995 promotion or to schedule your build, CLICK HERE.

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