The New Age of LFP

Lebanon Ford Performance had an AMAZING 2016! We earned a national spotlight with the creation of the LFP 727 for $39,995 promotion that provided more horsepower per dollar than any muscle car, period. Now we are ready to take our LFP team talent’s to a new level, expand our offerings and provide a new realm of power. We’ve teased at it over the last two weeks and now the time has finally come to unveil the mythical twin turbo, coyote-powered LFP Hellion!


We are proud to announce that Lebanon Ford Performance now offers Hellion Turbo Systems! The LFP Hellion is a complete car just like our LFP 727 Mustang with Roush supercharger package. A brand new Mustang GT with Hellion Twin Turbo system, 100% built here at LFP including all parts and labor will start at $45,499!


The LFP Hellion Twin Turbo System has incredible capabilities and some truly impressive specs:

  • Twin 62mm Precision Built Turbos
  • Turbosmart VEE Port Bypass Valves
  • Large Vertical Flow Dual Inlet Intercooler
  • Controllable Boost from 5psi to a whooping 30psi!!!

Oh and did I mention it can generate up to 1,200 rear wheel horsepower with supporting mods?

We’ve decided to offer two LFP Hellion packages:

Hellion Turbo System
Basani Cat-Back Exhaust (Preferred System by Hellion)
All install labor and supplies
$45,499  –
(plus normal tax, titles, fees)

Remember just like our LFP 727 for $39,995 package this LFP Hellion price includes the 300A Mustang GT, install, parts & labor.

PACKAGE 2   (Includes Package 1 plus):
95LBS Injectors
JMS PowerMax Boost-a-pump
TSS Oil Pump Gears (Includes Oil Gear, Timing Gear, and Crank Shaft Bolt)
Driveshaft Shop 800HP Halfshafts
$49,995 –
(plus normal tax, titles, fees).

Ready to order yet? Well here’s a little more icing for the cake. Since we’ve captured the mythical unicorn for study we’ve decided to make this build a Limited Edition! We will be assigning these units special build numbers just like the  LFP 727 for $39,995 package and only plan to create a small quantity for 2017, so now is the time! Reach out today and make your next Mustang an LFP Hellion. Are you ready?

Visit our Web Page and fill out our contact form for more information or to order today!

LFP: Goodbye “Yellow Haze”

Goodbye Yellow Haze!

Lebanon Ford Performance Mustangs are now running the streets of almost every state in the country! After our “727 HP for $39,995” promotion went viral, our performance shop began working around the clock to build and deliver custom Mustangs to their anxious owners from coast to coast. Today, we said goodbye to the pioneer. “Yellow Haze” was our first supercharged S550 (Build# LFP7270001). Not only was it our first, but one of our most impressive as well. A great customer of ours (Jeff) wanted to build something over-the-top after trading in his Supercharged Mustang convertible. Of course, LFP was up for the challenge. A few weeks later,”Yellow Haze” was born.

Yellow Haze – it’s great when a car’s backstory is just as awesome as the build itself. Seeing how much his dad loved his 65′ Mustang, Jeff grew up loving them too. Since then, he’s owned several of Ford’s best, including a 67′, 68′, 04′ Cobra, and a 2012 supercharged GT. As awesome as those cars were, he was ready to take his passion to the next level. I remember the word he used more than any other was “different.” He loved seeing the Shelby GT500s and ROUSH Stage 3s but wanted something that he could call his own. He wanted something unique.

We started with a Triple Yellow, GT Premium with Navigation and the GT Performance package. Before the power came, we added ROUSH’s Aero R7 body kit. This included the front fascia, hood scoop, side scoops, window scoops, winglets, and spoiler. Once we had that done, Jeff decided that we needed to break up the yellow with a black roof, side graphic, and hood graphic that faded from black to yellow. The appearance portion was completed with a beautiful set of Assanti Black Label wheels wrapped in Nitto tires. There are even custom “Yellow Haze” embroidered headrests and matching “Yellow Haze” badges on the interior/exterior of the car.


Power/Delivery: The heart of the build was a ROUSH Supercharger which produced 627 horsepower. We later upgraded him to 670 HP and ultimately went with a full Phase 2 upgrade which brought us to 727 HP.  To add some bark to the bite, Jeff opted for a ROUSH axle-back and X pipe/resonator delete. We also added a set of 800 HP-rated half shafts, which is a must for anyone planning to take their S550 to the track. From there, ROUSH single adjustable coil overs, STEEDA billet aluminum vertical links and IRS sub-frame braces were added to give some balance to the build.


This car was special to us because it was our first custom-built S550. Jeff was kind enough to allow us to use the car in many of our show displays, in several states, over the last two years. While it was a blast to work on and watch develop, Jeff is like most of us car guys. Time for a new project! Yellow Haze’s new owner added an aluminum drive shaft before we shipped her out. Once our last upgrade was complete, we loaded Yellow Haze onto a trailer for the last time and watched her drive into the sunset (literally).

Jeff dedicated the build to the memory of his father who passed away last year.


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