The New 2018 LFP Hellion for $51,995

Lebanon Ford Performance has continued to redefine horsepower per dollar over and over again.  We earned the National spotlight with the creation of the LFP 727 for $39,995 promotion that provided more horsepower per dollar than any muscle car, period.

Our motto for 2018 is “Pick Your Power.” The cars are faster with more horsepower and more performance than ever before. You asked, and we delivered.

We are now proud to offer the new 2018 LFP Hellion.


Lebanon Ford Performance is now building twin turbocharged Hellion 2018 Mustangs! The LFP Hellion, is 100% built in house and will start at $51,995.

Due to overwhelming support by customers of our 2017 Package 2 Hellion System, for 2018 we are offering one system with all the upgrades needed to run safely and add more power and performance later. The LFP Hellion is an absolute rocket ship capable of putting down over 800hp at the crank on 7-8lbs of boost. On the lowest boost setting customers will see 660-700WHP depending on dyno and conditions.


The LFP Hellion Twin Turbo System has incredible capabilities and some truly impressive specs:

  • Twin 62mm Precision Built Turbos
  • Twin Precision 46mm Wastegates
  • Dual blow-off valves are standard
  • Large Vertical Flow Intercooler with the highest flow bar/plate available
  • Boost capabilities from 7psi to a whooping 30psi!!!

Did we mention it can generate north of 1,200 rear wheel horsepower with supporting additional modifications (i.e. E85, fuel system upgrades, etc.)?
The LFP Hellion Package Includes (300A, Manual GT)

Hellion Turbo System with Twin 62mm Turbos


1000cc Injectors

TSS Oil Pump Gears (Includes Oil Gear & Timing Gear & Crankshaft Bolt)

Driveshaft Shop 800HP Halfshafts

N-Gauge Tuning Device

Custom Tune via Addiction Motorsports

All install labor and supplies

$51,995  –

(plus normal tax, titles, fees)

(optional vehicle shipping to customer not included)


Excepting Orders Now! Approximately 70 Mustangs in stock! Reach out today and make your next Mustang an LFP Hellion. Join the LFP Movement Today.

Visit our Web Page and fill out our contact form for more information or to order today!

Which Bed Liner is Best for Your F150?

Whether you’re working on a home improvement job or getting talked into helping a family member move, the most important thing while transporting your cargo is space. And if you have a truck, you know how much the bed of the truck really comes in handy. But to ensure you keep the bed of your truck in the best shape, your best bet would be to install a bed liner. A bed liner will not only provide the bed with protection, but will also give it a great look as well. Protection is just the first great benefit of using a bed liner. They also can either help maneuverability within the bed or also do the exact opposite depending on what type of bed liner you install and what you need the purpose of the liner to do.

We offer two different types of liners for trucks. The first one is the Ford drop-in liner. The drop-in liner is a durable plastic liner that contours to the full bed of your truck to cover all exposed paint. Essentially like floor mats, it has molded ridge lines down the whole bed flat surface to not only guide water down the bed but also the ridges help reduce the likeliness of mildew and corrosion that could form between the liner and the bed. With it being plastic it is very functional to move your work equipment or your favorite set of gold clubs in and out the bed. The drop-in liner can be removed and replaced without a problem.

The other form of liner we offer is a spray-in liner by Line X. The spray-in liner is a permanent liner that is applied by spray. It provides the bed with protection against leaks, rust, and harsh chemical stains. The liner will not crack, peel, or bubble. And not only will it also take the impact without damage but also dampen some sound as well. The surface is very rigid as opposed to the drop-in liner so maneuverability is lower but it makes up for the protection and the application itself. And I know what you’re thinking, “Spray on? That sounds messy.”, but it is a very clean look.

If the liners are not your style, Ford does offer a bed mat. You’re not getting the coverage up the sides of the bed or the tailgate but you’re still getting a rubber coverage on the surface that’ll protect the bed from impact. Regardless of the style of bed liner you go with I can promise you will be satisfied with the outcome. It’s like applying paint to a blank white wall. You don’t think about it too much but once you decide to, you can’t imagine how it was beforehand. You’re not only providing functionality and protection to your bed but also giving it a little bit of that personalized touch to the truck to make it your own. So show your truck that you care, you’ll be happy with the results.

Why All Weather Floor Mats are a Necessity for Every Vehicle!

Do you know what the top selling vehicle accessory is across all 5 regions on the United States? No need to search because I can tell you; all weather floor mats. Floor mats not only give you a great personalization look to your interior but also provide great protection with easy clean up. They are […]

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Introducing the LFP 10 – Our :10 second Drag Mustang is now available!

 Lebanon Ford Performance is proud to introduce the LFP 10; our first purpose built street legal drag car. Expanding upon our already impressive performance lineup including the likes of the 727 for $39,995 GT and the insane LFP Hellion, we decided it was time to turn our attention to creating a complete package for those […]

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