20 Thousand Reasons To Come to LFP Car Show @ MVG


The Lebanon Ford Performance Car Show @ Miami Valley Gaming is just days away and it’s time to share the big news. We have been hinting at a HUGE surprise for weeks and today is the day that we release the details. In planning, we knew we wanted to make make this day as awesome as possible. We’ve got the music, we’ve got the cars, we’ve got the food,  and even some awesome door prizes. So, how can we make a day that has all of that even better? MVG has the answer. One lucky winner will walk away with $20,000 on Sunday. That’s right, when you need a break from the heat, simply walk inside to the MVG Player Services desk to get your MVG Club Card, earn 10 points playing on any of the 1,600 gaming machines and then go back to Player Services to redeem your entry for the drawings. Membership in the MVG Club is free, just bring your valid photo ID to sign up. All entries must be deposited into the drawing barrel before the big give away at 6:00 p.m.

As if that’s not enough our lucky friends over at Miami Valley Gaming have decided to give away $100 in free play every fifteen minutes from 4:00 p.m. – 5:45 p.m. and 6:15 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.


Sizzling Summer Giveaway 

Sunday August 28 | 4–7 pm


4:00–5:45 pm & 6:15–7:00 pm
10 – $100 Free Play winners every 15 minutes

6 pm 
5- $500 Free Play Winners & 1-$20,000 CASH WINNER

Just earn 10 points using your MVG Card between 7 am–5:30 pm to earn your entry.

Membership is FREE!

Drum opens at 2 pm.  Must be present to win.

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Batmobile Too Slow? Call LFP

“No bullying. Not on my watch.”

Lebanon Ford Performance – has done business with plumbers, electricians, doctors, engineers, and now…H4H Batman. That’s right, the caped crusader has found himself in a situation where not even the famed Batmobile can get the job done. What could possess the power to blast Batman into action faster than the Batmobile? You guessed it, the LFP 727.

Batman out of uniform, sharing his life with the world. 

The man behind the mask – Just like in the comics, H4H Batman has another identity. However, this Batman’s real name is no secret. John Buckland has opened up and shared his life story with the world. He revealed that he wasn’t always the iconic figure that he’s known as today. Ironically enough, his dark past inspired him to adopt the cape and cowl. Sound familiar? The more I read into his story, the more I am amazed at just how much of a superhero he really is.

Batman 3

His mission – after overcoming an abusive childhood, John has dedicated his life to Heroes 4 Higher. He believes that “if we can change the way people view their tough situations, we can empower them to overcome them.” John used to be a career Firefighter with his last two years of service in Iraq with the department of defense (2009-2011). After coming home he dedicated his life to fighting crime that threatens the future of our youth.  Although he isn’t throwing baterangs or stopping bank robberies, he’s doing real work with the youngsters in our community. The kind of work that could very well prevent children from committing those crimes later in life. Through his service, John discusses the importance of staying away from drugs and bullying as well as anything else that is age appropriate and beneficial to the group he’s working with.


The Car – we weren’t joking, John actually has a real-life, fully functioning Batmobile. So how on Earth do you impress a guy that wears 40 lbs of kevlar and leather while driving the Batmobile to work? Well…we are going to show you. Stay tuned for more details on this amazing story! We will be unveiling this custom build at the LFP Dyno Day on September 11th!

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LFP and MVG: Partnership Delivers Car Show To Remember

Charlie Watson with MVG Marketing team Lebanon Ford Performance has been hosting car shows for almost a decade now. Each year, our performance following grows and naturally, our car shows follow that same pattern. Last year we reached a point where we had to turn people away from our show because we were literally over […]

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LFP: 1,397 HP High School Reunion

Bob and Brian proudly standing between their LFP Supercharged Mustangs.  Lebanon Ford Performance – This story of “two car buddies” started long before their ownership of LFP Supercharged Mustangs. In fact, their friendship started back in high school. While hanging out at Cars and Coffee this morning, Brian told me stories of him riding his bike […]

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