Rethinking Social Media Success

Recently I’ve seen a tremendous increase in Social Media success stories within the automotive industry. Whether it’s Auto Dealer Monthly or any other on or offline dealer specific publication it seems they’re hastily publishing pieces about dealers who “get social media”. After I read these articles I tend to check out the dealer they’ve highlighted only to be disappointed, again and again. Their Facebook and Twitter followers are in the thousands, but where’s the interaction, replies, retweets, conversation, discussion, collaboration, and commentary. Immediately red flags start going off in my head screaming, “How’s that being successful?”

Having thousands of followers, thumbs up, etc. is a wonderful thing but as a whole we still fail to see the larger picture which is, quality matters more than quantity. Are we supposed to view a dealer with 5,000 Facebook “thumbs up” with a few likes here (or none at all) as more successful than a dealer with 500 and 2/3 of them interacting on regular bases? Today most of us are so concentrated on follower numbers that we’ll do just about anything to increase them regardless of our methods. Whether its by outsourcing our social media, buying followers/views, or flash in the pan tactics (remember the “we’ll donate a dollar for every new Facebook fan” ploy) we’ll get our coveted high follower count, but in the end all we’ve accomplished is an empty shell of a “community”. What good is  having 5,000 followers if there aren’t any impressions being made,  how does that help move our bottomline?  Let’s Ctrl-Alt-Del that way of thinking and instead focus on the followers we currently have rather than worrying about those we don’t, in the end we’ll gain followers of a much richer quality. Remember, if we take the time to make others matter, they will take the time to make us matter to others. In my opinion that’s true Social Media success.

How do you view Social Media success?

Additional Comment:

If you want to check a real Socal Media “success story” check out what Hank Ford is doing over in California.

Facebook : SoCalFord (serves as the social media hub for all of Southern California Ford)

Twitter: Hank_SoCalFord

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