Mercury Milan: Simplistic But Sophisticated

Technically, this car was the Ford Fusion, Mercury style. But to call them equal is like comparing the new Mustang to the Transit Connect. They have a different feel, their own personal vibes, and the Mercury cars are, what I have been calling “un-stuffy.” The Mercury vehicles are simplistic yet sophisticated, from the Mariner to last week’s Milan. The buttons are easy to work with, and in a week the car had already made friends with me—unlike some other cars that were still beeping at me and sporting confusing buttons after day seven. Let’s just say we hadn’t “clicked”. But the Milan was easy to get to know, from the spacious windshield (“unstuffy”) to the maneuverability. Enough so that I will forgive the outdated 1970’s neon striped interior. I will overlook the blast from the past for practicality and comfort.

The Oxford Wine and Art Affair

One of the two main adventures we had in the Mercury Milan was to Oxford’s annual Wine Tasting and Art Affair, in “uptown” Oxford—which is code for downtown for you out-of-towners. Artists and vineyard owners from around the tri-state area pair with musicians, cooks, and volunteers to create quite a stir each summer. In a crowded city, usually of over 20,000 in the university community alone (less in the summer), parking can be more than tight.

The Mercury Milan is exactly the vehicle you want to be moseying around in when things are less than spacious on the roadsides. The Milan easily navigated into a space not far from the festival—an accomplishment that no SUV could have bragged about on that crowded night.
While the art was sub-par this year, the wine was interesting, the music exotic, and a cooking demonstration by a nationally renowned chef/”confectioner” honored Oxford with her presence. It topped off the evening. In her pink chef’s coat, Ginna Haravon, founder of Salted Caramel, has had her Bacon Bourbon Caramel Corn reviewed in the Chicago Tribune and on ABC7. Justin and I also tasted mead for the first time—by accident. One taste was enough to find the nearest trash can, I’m sorry to say.  Beware when you order peach wine that it may not be wine at all, but the sticky, oozy, overly fruity honey stuff I tried that night. All I can say is that it reminded me of the crap the Knights of the Round Table are always bragging about drinking during ancient English literature readings. I won’t mention that particular vendor, because it’s not their fault, but next time we’ll be sticking to the strawberry crepe booth (which was excellent) for dessert.

The Old Hollywood Prom
Our second adventure in the Mercury Milan was up to Dayton, to Justin’s hometown. A couple friends organized an old Hollywood-style prom for their birthday parties. Everyone has some regret from high school prom—from not going at all to wearing a hideous pink flowered “situation” that you burned when you were old enough to know better. This was everyone’s second chance—and the outfits were interesting, but not much better (check out the pink boa).
I learned more about the Milan that night than I did about how to improve prom night. After taking fake red carpet photographs, adjusting my bird cage laced hat numerous times, and losing the boa around the prom hall, getting back in the car was like putting on a comfortable pair of PJ’s—I could finally be myself again.

The Mercury Milan holds no pretenses, and is not intimidating in any way. You feel free to throw your stuff in the back, let your hair down, and sing with the wind blowing through the sunroof. That’s exactly what happened at the end of my (second) prom night.

Comfort food, comfort car

The Mercury Milan was much like the carb-o-licious crepes at the art festival: comfort food in a vehicular form. It sports all of the respectable features as the Mercury Mariner, but with the comfort of your first car. It seems built for whoever is driving it—the kind of camouflage vehicles that fits into your personality and lifestyle without pretense. Justin and I are looking forward to the next vehicle dropped off by our favorite Dayton Ford dealer.

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