Professional Beauty: A Week With The Ford Fusion Sport

We gave Brooke from Hyde Park, OH the 2010 Ford Fusion for one week. Read and watch her experiences, likes and dislikes with the Ford Fusion. From the Cincinnati Fashion Show, to the Great American Cleanup put on by the Keep Cincinnati Beautiful organization her week was truly professional beauty.

Day Two: Cincinnati Fashion Week (click for photos)
The first ever CFW was April 19-23.  They plan to donate 30% of their proceeds to Keep Cincinnati Beautiful, which is more than awesome!  Check out these photos of the final show on Friday.  There were over 400 in attendance at the Hyatt downtown, even Mark Mallory showed up.  I didn’t want to pay for parking so I parked on 6th and Elm.  Not exactly photo worthy.  But I did feel extra fashionable getting out of a new Fusion!  I’m sure at least someone thought I was important (ha!)

Day 3: Out With The Girls

Kelley and I had dinner at Slatt’s in Blue Ash.  I gave her a little demonstration in the parking lot of the awesome Fusion features.  The camera that appears in the rear view mirror when in reverse is more helpful than I thought it would be at first.  Also, the light that blinks when a car is in your blind sight is a good safety precaution to have, although didn’t always work in heavy rain.  And, although I would not spend the extra money, having lights around the cup holders that change colors was fun.

Day Six: My Review Video

There’s a small storage compartment on the dashboard that I used to hold my camera so I could film while I was driving!  I was extremely careful, don’t worry!

I was not feeling well, and after watching it play back I definitely look pasty (as my friend Kelley would say), but I covered some major ground.  Give it a watch and you’ll find out all about the Great American Cleanup (you can also go to for more info) and see what I don’t like about the Fusion.

Day Seven: The Great American Cleanup
What a hectic day!  My GPS made it so much easier.  The day began at 7:30 AM for me when I met our staff in Mt. Washington.  We had over 300 volunteers participate in that community from 9 to noon.  I drove between 3 sites for most the day; Bond Hill, Roselawn, and Westwood had volunteers working with Cincinnati Parks to clean up the business districts.  Although the rain did eventually let up, and we were all grateful for that, it was nice to see how the Fusion handled in rain.  Getting on and off the freeway, I felt like I had great control of the vehicle, and the tires had great traction even though the car sits lower and the rims are bigger. Across the city we collected over 78 tons of trash that way.  To put that in perspective, that amounts to the weight of over 10 African elephants (the world’s largest land animal)!   I got home around 4:30 PM and basically did nothing until Sunday afternoon when I had to hand over to keys to the Fusion.  I was exhausted!

Overall, I had a great week driving the Ford Fusion Sport model.  Realistically, I could not afford this car new, but I’m definitely considering getting a used model in the near future.  It was safe and reliable.

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