How One Vehicle Can Teach You the Art of Escape

The Art of Escape
Why are we so fascinated with the idea of “escaping” our lives? Is the beach really that much more relaxing than the average weekend? Whether it’s escaping your cubicle for a quick coffee run, escaping a monotonous Tuesday evening for a round of twilight golf, or escaping your problems during cocktail hour, there’s an attractive deception in the idea of ESCAPE. The dictionary defines it as “breaking free from confinement or control”. In two weeks, I’ll be on my own escape to Myrtle Beach for our 20th, yes 20th, family reunion trip. So, I want to know: How do you escape–from your crazy schedule, your kid’s 600th soccer practice, your cranky co-worker, or your smoggy 100 degree city? Post your answers on the comment section (scroll down and push where it says “0 comments” or “2 comments”¬†etc. to add your comment).

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  • Justin Frost

    I escape by going to Hueston Woods Golf Course on a VERY regular basis. Nothing like fresh cut grass and summer sunshine to Escape the daily grind!

  • I get in my Mustang and goes a little something like this…

    BAHHHHHHHHH BABAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH bumbumbum…… (stop light)…..(green light) WAHHHHH bah BAHHHHHHHHH

    All better :P

  • JCryder

    @Charlie, haha nice

    I have to agree with Justin, golf is definitely a good escape until I start playing poorly then I begin to wish I were doing something else like playing Xbox, or soaking in a nice hot tub.

  • Alexandra Barlow

    Wow Charlie. Reading your post was an escape in itself. Haha thanks!

  • deb peters

    I love this idea. Interactive.
    Escape? Is that possible? To escape, I usually get out my paintbrushes and paints. This is very theraputic for me. Sometimes, when I am painting, I also hum. Before I know it some hours have passed. Don’t try painting and driving, but you certainly hum all you want!

  • Anna Hodgson

    I escape by actually getting in my 2004 Ford Escape, windows down and music up and drive as far as I need to before turning around to come back to reality.

  • Susan Rintoul

    I live in paradise so….I don’t really need to escape especially in the summer. I like walking anywhere that I can see the ocean. If the weather is stormy I will drive to the beach and sit in my car with my coffee, a journal and a fluffy novel, while I watch the crazy guys on their sail boards and wind surfers.

  • Alexandra Barlow

    Anna, I can totally relate. Susan, how lucky you are to live in paradise. I especially love the part about watching the stupid surfer boys.

  • annie

    I take my dog on a long outing on Miami’s campus and talk to him (the dog) all along the way. No one around except the squirrels.

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