A Love Letter to the Ford Escape

To the Little SUV of my Dreams,
It has been a better week with you than with any of the others. When we first met, I had been anticipating being with you for the last ten years. I was a little disappointed at first by your dull beige exterior, as I’m usually a bright red or blue fan myself, but I know that it’s what ‘s inside that truly matters in a relationship.

When I first sat in your black interior, it seemed dark. But, as the week progressed, it grew on me—like everything else about you. After the long rear-ended Lincoln MKT, your cute, stocky square frame and easy maneuverability were very attractive to me. The broad windshield opened up the world—you were like a safer version of a Jeep, sacrificing none of its free spirit.

All that being said, we have to get a few things straight before we can be together forever. I found myself following the volume button on the steering wheel around in a circle when I was turning. You offer such convenience at the tip of my fingers but then take it away when I turn. Big tease. Also, your competition, the Ford Edge, raises its whole back hatch with just a click of a button. So you can imagine my disappointment when I pushed your button and just the window flew up! Maybe that should be enough, but who wants to lift their groceries up that high to shove them in the window? However it is a redeeming quality that I can easily raise the whole back with just a soft push of my fingers—no straining to raise a difficult hatch. It does come up easily.  Just like our relationship…we don’t have to force it.

Most cars would want me all to themselves, but you are not the jealous type. So, when Justin jumped in too, you welcomed him. Bonus points for you. Your insides are made for a couple’s escape vacation anyway—that’s a no brainer. Throw a tent and our swimsuits in the back and we’re off. There’s a little slot between the seats for a cell phone, and everything is in a logical spot within convenient reach on the dash and center console. You have no unnecessary extra gadgets, but everything we need.

So, I have decided to buy you. Not tomorrow, and probably not this year. But I know you will be a reliable, loyal companion from my first post-college years all the way through a first baby. You are meant for the twenty-somethings who are past their first cars, thirty-somethings with a small family, and forty, fifty, or sixty-somethings who love to “escape.”

See you when I have $20,000 more dollars.

Love, Alex

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