Women and their Punch Buggies

Women are drawn to the Volkswagen Bug over any other car, according to the New York Daily News June 29th article.  While women are responsible for just 36 percent of new vehicle purchases, they account for over half of all new bug sales. Why? Because they are just so damn cute. That’s why.

It also says that men are drawn to huge trucks and sports cars, for more obvious reasons. Huge trucks=status and power. Sports cars=the “need for speed.” So the men’s reasons are pretty clear, but aside from being “cute,” why are women bitten –I mean smitten–by the bug?

Partially, they see good advertising. A car that comes with a built in flower holder and is always painted in the most vibrant colors screams spirit, positivity, and style. The article credits the good gas mileage and the image the bug projects while the women is toodling around town, but there’s more to it.

The new beetle advertisement uses the slogan: “A blast from the past? Or ahead of its time?” Today women are struggling to

The new beetle advertisement from VW's website.

maintain the past—the nurturing wife and motherly role, while progressing toward the future–a full time career (for some) that is personally fulfilling. Women want the best of the past, with an eye to the future. Who wouldn’t want to maintain a 1960s feel, yet seem more modern than the present year—all in one car?

What Ford car do you think can attract women in the same way?

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