Transit Connect Can Be Your Best College Roommate

The Challenge
Is it just me, or do the days, months, even years pass by a lot quicker as you get older. In my nearly 23 years on this earth this could not have been more true. Second semester at Miami University was coming to a close and finals were upon us. Then as quickly as the finals came, they went and all seemed right in the world, for a variety of reasons but mostly for the 800 pound school gorilla that I figuratively souplexed off my back. Though I was very relieved, something seemed wrong, and then I remembered, we have to be out of our house in a week.

I began to panic, realizing that I had failed my girlfriend (two months earlier I assured her that I had the move under control, (aka: I don’t have it under control I just don’t want to talk about it while sports are on). Seconds before breaking the horrible news to her, which would have damaged her trust and more importantly my ego beyond repair, I remembered that Jeff Cryder from Lebanon Ford would be bringing a new Ford vehicle for this week’s entry. Acting quickly I called Jeff, explained the situation and before I knew it, the house was packed, friends were in position to help, and most importantly the Transit Connect was in the drive. Never before had a oddly designed van looked so beautiful.

Transit: From Europe to Oxford Ohio

Being a skeptic (almost cynic), I felt as if the Transit would be better-suited delivering flowers (from the movie Valentine’s Day), or carrying a crew of dudes that just pulled off the greatest heist in Paris, France history. Bottom line, this car/van thing didn’t seem to have cargo space or the rough and tumble moving capabilities I needed that week. Designed by Ford Europe, the Transit Connect is the perfect vehicle for any business or individual who needs to move a lot of stuff in an economical and environmentally friendly way. One of two key features that stood out about the Transit was the cargo space. Ford engineers created a cargo bay that will hold over 65 cubic feet of stuff, on what basically is a car frame. More impressively is that the Transit will carry over 1600 pounds in the cargo area, and 1600 pounds is more than the vehicle weighs.

A second impressive feature is how economical the transit was. The fuel economy for the Transit Connect is an estimated 23 mpg in the city. Comparable vehicles like full size vans and trucks get an average of 12-16 mpg, all the while carrying half the load. Not to mention their lack of maneuverability. In fact, the van may or may not have hopped the curb (going backwards and sideways) for closer access to the new front door. For all you environmental junkies, Ford is also currently designing a fully electric version of the Transit Connect, which would cut out the already minimal pollution produced by the gas model.

Two Men in a Transit:
Picking back up on my story, it was 9:00 am on Thursday morning and everything was ready to go. With perfect timing, my friend Joe opened the door and came in. On a side note, Joe is 300 pound bear-mountain of a right tackle, who I played football with last season. Needless to say moving my house would be no tall order. Ducking down and turning sideways to navigate my front door, Joe said “let’s get this done” (in his game day, baritone voice), and we were off. Moving nine total rooms in just under four hours was pretty remarkable. Props to the size of the Transit’s cargo bay and Joe’s feats of strength, which included carrying an entire couch on his back (told you he was an ox). Key components of the bay include two sliding doors and expansive headroom that allowed Joe and I to fully stand up inside the van while loading cargo, which is impressive being that both of us are taller than 6’3”.

For me the Transit graded out with a solid A. With the ease and speed of loading, size of cargo area which had no problem holding all furniture and trinkets our old house could throw at it, fuel economy, and maneuverability in a small parking lot a potential nightmare move was made a solid memory.  I would whole-heartedly recommend this vehicle to any plumber, electrician, photographer, or individual who wants diverse utility in a manageable package.
The Transit Connect earned my respect and her keep in my book. From all the moving efforts, Alex and I now live in a beautiful new place, the Transit Connect got a well deserved wash to show off her glossy white paint (she also comes in a vibrant red), and with the money saved on gas I bought Joe a huge steak at Oxford’s Steinkeller. The Transit Connect clearly benefits all.

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  • The Transit is a pretty awesome vehicle with endless uses. Anything from a cab driver, to an electrician, there is a Transit that fits your needs. Ford offers endless amounts of configurations of the vehicle. However, what most people don’t know, is that there is a healthy after market demand for the Transit even though it is a relatively new vehicle. I have heard of every thing from simple exterior graphic adds, all the way to full interior refrigerator units being added. This makes the entire cargo area a refrigerator/freezer. Pretty cool..

    Oh yeah and 30 miles per gallon on the highway is pretty cool as well.

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