The Ford Flex Meets Donna (Marks Mom)

Mark and Samantha take the Flex to see what his parents have to say about it.

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  • rofl that’s such a mom thing to say!

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  • Donna Roberts

    Of all the wonderful things I had to say and you choose the “mom moment!” You should have heard me talking it up at the gym. There was a guy there who was over the top about it and the guy at the Jeep dealership was blown away by it yesterday when we were there for service. Maybe it’s especially a “guy” car………..

  • I know. But we had to show the world how cute you are.

  • Mark Roberts

    Sometimes something just happens and you’re like “wow, did that just happen.” Those moments can’t be edited out!

  • Agreed it was definitely a profound “mom moment” that couldn’t be passed over.

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