Late Night Flexing

Tonight was a big night for the Cincinnati Wedding Industry. Matt Pine helped orchestrate a charity event at the Leaping Lizard Gallery in Covington. There was a huge turn out, and a great group of artists mingling and voting for the best food.

Matt had Samantha and me film the event, complete with multi-colored Jackson Pollock cake! It was a great night.

It also marked the occasion of the many firsts I’ve experienced with the Flex. First time driving at night. First time in heavy traffic. First time into Cincinnati. First time I valeted*

Flexing at night was a great experience. I felt comfortable, like sturdy. Not to say my Jeep isn’t sturdy, it’s like a brick on wheels, it just seems… wobbly? That must be what it is, the Flex sticks to the road. I had to accelerate and change lanes to get an exit and it just went. It’s more like driving a car than an SUV.

The displays and internal lights rock. Put a little Ke$ha on and like, damn, pretty stylish. I’m starting to embrace the hurseiness of it. We used the automatic door to load our stuff in, so I didn’t have to fumble for my keys with a camera bag, tripod bag, dolly and Sam’s hands full of just as much.

The visibility is great too, which made me feel safe at night. I know Jeff Cryder thought the steering wheel being my favorite part was weird, but this might beat that. Rear view mirror? LOVE IT! It is the exact same shape as the rear window, so I’m not getting any side windows showing up. This appeals to my nerdy cinematographer side because it’s nice. The composition is pleasing and you can focus on what you’re looking at (the past! GASP!). Those side views are monstrous, too. In my Jeep I have to lean forward and toward the window to make sure no one is in my blind spot. In the Flex I can see the whole side of the car.

But probably my favorite part of the night, seeing it under the streetlights in front of the coolest place near Cincinnati, The Leaping Lizard, with just a little bit of condensation on it. Looked like a commercial.

[Full Disclosure] About me seeming classy: had to bum $3 off Matt to pay for it

Leaping Lizard Gallery entrance Covington, KY

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