Week Eleven: The 2011 Ford F-250 Power Stroke Diesel

New Driver behind the Wheel
Over the past 10 weeks Allie has chronicled our experiences in a variety of cars, SUVs, and crossovers from our local Dayton Ford dealer. Allie recently had a surgery that put her in the passenger seat for a few weeks. I’m not saying I’m glad, but great timing, as the F-250 addition to The Ford Project could only be told by me. I struck a bond with the black beauty in mere seconds. So hang on tight readers, you are about to enter a man’s mind. …

Kindred Spirits
After reading all the reviews and watching every commercial Ford bought on ESPN the all-new 2011 F-250 had a lot of hype. To put it bluntly, I had my doubts. Don’t get me wrong, we drove the F-150 about five vehicles ago, but how much different could the SuperDuty be? The truth is, a lot. Honestly, the two trucks have about as much in common as Bengals fans and Steelers fans. Besides watching the Bengals sweep the series, they shared nothing in common.

Putting my thoughts aside I walked around the truck realizing how amazing she really is. From the black metal flake paint and 6.7 liter diesel engine, to the sheer size of the truck, this beast was large and in charge. It didn’t take long for the SuperDuty to not only win me over but she also got me, like old friends. With that said, I hopped in, rolled the windows down, and cranked up The Rebel.

What she’s working with
I realize that I could have taken this whole blog to write about the F-250 specs that I love but you could read that stuff in any Car and Driver, so let me clue you in on a few features that this man can appreciate. For starters the cab meets my “big-fella comfort” seal of approval. The seat is huge in both width and length. Not cutting your legs too short or making you feel like you’re leaking off the seat, which drives me insane. Not to mention the seat has great support (lumbar) and premium padding that rivals your favorite Barcalounger.  It is an understatement to say that with the wide arm rests and superior truck height; you are king of the road, master of your domain.

A second feature you wouldn’t read about is how the truck performs. Yeah your magazine or commercial will say 6.7 liter, turbo diesel, 380 hp, etc. But the real question is do those specs deliver? Answer: Without a doubt, yes. The Turbo Diesel makes all the difference. The truck has plenty of aggressive torque in the low end for any trailer, boat, or house you want to pull but plenty of top end to force you into the seat. I cannot describe how fun yet scary that combination is. To help bridle the power that literally wants to jump off the frame, Ford engineered a manual function you can control on the shifter. The system allows the driver to manually shift the truck if a situation like a mud hole, snow pile, or your buddy’s broken down Chevy should come up. When the obstacle is conquered, the truck will resume automatic mode, a very useful tool for those seeking the optimum use of their truck.

Finally, Ford did a great job with the 2011 SuperDuty suspension. Whether in town or on the highway the truck literally glides down the road. Now I’m not saying the truck bounces like some Impala low-rider but it is a smooth and enjoyable ride. With the combination of the seat, suspension, and power, the F-250 recaptures the joy of driving. It makes you feel like you want to go on a Mathew Mcconaughey inspired cross-country trip. Minus the whole no deodorant or shirt thing—that’s all you.

Snappin’ Necks and Police Escorts
There is nothing quite like catching the attention of everyone on the road. Readers, if at any time in your life you have owned that flashy car/truck, and I mean that car/truck you know what I’m talking about.  After 5 minutes of cruising around Oxford I caught the attention of a concrete trucker, a jogger, and a man mowing the grass that literally turned completely around. Can’t say I didn’t work it a little bit by goosing the engine–I had to play to my crowd. If that wasn’t enough excitement for one day, later while in Hamilton a police officer pulled up behind me at a red light. The cop literally checked out the truck all through the city. Didn’t know the price tag included a complimentary police escort.

It always makes a guy feel good when somebody compliments his truck. It makes a guy feel invincible when 7 guys compliment it in one day.  My boss at the Miami University Airport summed the truck up as “unreal” and “freaking ridiculous.” A general contractor who defined himself as a Ford connoisseur, labeled the truck as a “sick beast.” My personal favorite, however was the teenage guy in the Ranger who rolled down his window and cracked a huge smile as the turbo spooled up. Haha, who wouldn’t? Whether you take my word or the countless others, the Ford F-250 turbo diesel is a classy and well-dressed lady with a beastly mean streak. Or a great accessory to any driver’s ego.

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  • JCryder

    Awesome post! looks like you both had a lot of fun during your week. Best quote from the video above “it’s a great day for any truck man” rofl.

  • Justin Frost

    My Nissan, the poor ole’ girl, hasn’t talked to me for a week out of jealousy…women.

  • JCryder

    Did you notice a huge difference going from the F250 back to the Nissan Titan?

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  • The first vehicle in the 2011 line up that I drove after coming back from school was the 2011 Super Duty. They are amazing trucks to say the least. The ride is unbelievable. It doesn’t feel like your driving down the road in a heavy duty truck, more like a luxury SUV.

    Another cool feature that I thought was really useful was the manual mode that will allow the driver to have the convenience of an automatic transmission with the efficiency and towing benefits of shifting the gears on command.

    All the options and standard features on the truck were very impressive. However, there was one thing about the 2011 Super Duty that stood out the most to me…

    735 Torque. Power is key.

  • Justin Frost

    Was there a huge difference? Let’s just say it made me re-evaluate what being a man is all about…well driving like one at least. Yeah, Charlie, the torque was ridiculous. I was cheezin’ every time I stomped–I mean pushed–the gas.

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