Ford Flex: These are a few of my favorite Things

The Ford Flex has changed my mind! Our first day together was great and by the second day I was in love. I’m going to be so sad when it’s time for to it to go back home to Lebanon. I have been keeping a little list of all the things that changed my mind:

1. When you crick your neck the seat has so many options you are sure to find a comfy position for you and your neck.

2. I love the way light interacts with it on the outside and inside.

3. The metallic red color

4. Oh so pretty Wood paneling

5. USB Connector. Along with special places for the cord to stick out of the armrest with out harming it. I can charge my iPhone and flip with out needing extra bulky chargers

6. The texture of the dashboard leather. I took this picture I like it so much.

7. It feels so cosmopolitan. I think if Don and Betty Draper had to buy a car today, this would be it.

8. The four moon roofs. They let so much light in it’s hard to not be happy while cruising around. Even on the rainy days.

9. It is the perfect car to own a production company. Plenty of space for all our cameras, tri-pods, mono-pods, green screens, computers, lights and on and on. Plus the hands free phone makes the front seat a perfect conference room!

10. The ride is so sturdy and smooth.

11. They included a bunch of hidy-holes for all of our favorite accessories. iPhone, gum, flip, coffee, sunglasses, notebooks, a Nintendo DS or two.

12. The perfect stitching in the seats.

13. The back door opens and closes by itself!! It makes it so much easier to get all the groceries at once!

14. The Stadium seating! My parents used to have an Expedition and I hated sitting all the way in the back, it was so claustrophobic. The stadium seating made it feel natural to sit back that far. The button that automatically moves a seat out of your way so you can step up is very handy too.

Thanks Lebanon Ford for letting me experience the Flex. I totally get it now.

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  • Ohhhh Mad Men. Perfect reference. I can see the Drapers choosing the Flex as well. Justin and I totally agree on the amount of space and fabulous moon roofs.

  • I felt the same way about the Flex. The first time I saw it, I was far from impressed. I thought the styling was to bold and “out there” I could hear the shoe box on wheels jokes before they were said. To say the least I was a little nervous for the launch of the Ford Flex. However, seeing the Flex from desk after its release, it started to grow on me. I went out and looked it over and decided to AT LEAST take it for a drive. My mind was totally changed seconds after landing in the wide, leather seat. (Turning on my cooled seat didn’t hurt the situation) I then took the Flex for a drive and really fell in love with the vehicle.

    With the combination of seemingly unlimited options, amazing fuel economy, and unbelieveable ride comfort, my opinion of the Flex changed. It is easily one the best riding vehicles Ford, Mercury, or even Lincoln has to offer.

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