Charlie Watson: The Passion of a Salesman

You always hear about the stereotypical salesman who puts on the pressure, controls the conversation and doesn’t listen to customers needs. Sometimes however, you stumble upon an individual who doesn’t just sell cars to pick up a paycheck from week to week. This individual does it because he loves cars and seeing the joy on people’s faces when they’ve obtained something they’ve desired and worked so hard to earn. Below is an example, in his own words of how a sales person from a Dayton Ford dealer, Charlie Watson went beyond selling an automobile; he helped make a dream come true.

Charlie Watson

Terminator: The Legend

In order to appreciate the impact this car had on Kenny, you have to understand the impact it had on America in 2003, the debut of the Terminator SVT Cobra. The 2001 Cobra delivered by SVT did not fare so well against the quicker SS Camaro which was closely followed by absence of the famous car in 2002. No one expected the series of events that followed the release of 2003 (and 2004) SVT Cobra, code named the Terminator. When looking at the car, the differences were minor at best. Under the hood however, was a whole new chapter in Mustang history. The foundation of the power plant was the familiar 4V 4.6L V-8 found in the previous Cobra, however it was teamed up with an Eaton Super Charger that would rocket the car into the legendary status as we know it today.

I came across a 2004 SVT Terminator Cobra over a year ago; this car was unlike any other Terminator I had previously seen. In all the car shows I had been to in the past, I had never seen a Terminator in the condition of this Torch Red beauty. The Cobra was absolutely flawless! With only 6,500 miles on the car, I met the lucky owner of this fabulous car; Jeff Black. Jeff and I started talking about the car and formed a friendship right away. I saw Jeff time and time again at various car shows, at each one the car stood out above them all. A year after we had met, Jeff showed up outside my office with his baby. I couldn’t believe my ears, but Jeff was interested in letting go of his beloved toy for a brand new 2010 Ford F-150. The end of his dream meant the beginning of an exciting journey for a man named Kenny.

It was a beautiful, hot, summer day and I was with the recently traded Cobra at a car show trying to let the crowd enjoy this beautiful car while doing my best to keep them at a safe distance. The reaction to the car was unbelievable! I didn’t even have the chance to open my door before I was motioned to “pop the hood”. In the middle of clearing up any skepticism of the fact that this car was actually stock and the miles were true, I got a call. It was Kenny; he was “very, very interested” in the car. I got to talking to Kenny and after a few short calls to my Pre Owned manager; Kenny had the deal of a lifetime. After two years of searching, Kenny was going to get his dream car, he was finally going to own his very own Terminator.

After a lot of back and forth phone calls, and a 4 hour drive, it was time to deliver Kenny’s dream car. The look on his face as he heard the idol of his 400 horsepower dream was priceless. He could hardly believe his eyes as he was searching for a flaw. He couldn’t believe how perfect the car was. Kenny was so excited to finally obtain the car he had wanted for so long. He was hoping to find one but never thought he would find one that looked like it just rolled off the showroom! After a quick test drive, a few signatures, and a hand shake; the deal was done. Kenny was the proud new owner of the 2004 SVT Terminator Cobra.

I have since spoken with both the previous owner and the new one several times. We have formed a kind of friendship. This is easily one of the best experiences I have had being in this business. Finding people that love cars the way I do and then being able to deliver that dream is what makes me love my job.

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