Week Thirteen: The Lincoln MKX

After the local Dayton Ford dealership dropped off the MKX it was became apparent Lincoln’s version of the Ford Edge stirred some major attention between West Chester and Oxford, my two main towns, this week. The cool-gray turquoise has warranted a second look on many of the cars we’ve tried, but on the Lincoln MKX it was especially a head turner.

A Toasty Rear

Although summer isn’t the best time for exploring the heating capabilities of any vehicle, Justin and I chalked it up as part of the job and started sweating for the cause. How could we not as the Lincoln MKX has been the only vehicle so far offering rear seat butt warmers (I’m sure there’s a more technical name but let’s face it, that’s what we all call them).
On a late night run to Waffle House around midnight, a chilly ride in the backseat with all the windows down led me to experiment with this new feature. I finally felt a warm sensation toward carmakers—the back seaters were now equal and important people with all the front seat privileges. It’s about time, as the back seaters are always taking one for the team, missing the view, and having no control over the radio. They should be rewarded.

The MKX turns Bookmobile

The Lincoln MKX transformed into a temporary bookmobile after Oxford’s Friends of the Lane Libraries hosted their annual sale. This basically involves the library clearing out billions of books they can’t use anymore. At the end of the sale, the Friends donated their children’s books to a project I’m working on with Lakota to create a mobile library visiting low-income children at home, helping with homework, and increasing literacy.
Long story short, we had about 1000 books to transport at the last minute, and the MKX held every word of them, not to mention Justin’s golf clubs which inconveniently—errr I mean—just happened to be in there. Boys. Books. Ugh.
On the way to the sale we picked up my good friend Katie, who called the car her “dream car.” Throughout the week I’d also been referred to as a modernized soccer mom—which became blatantly clear when we popped the hatch and sat on the back pick up truck style to eat an ice cream cone. All the comforts of a car with an SUV’s spirit. But back to the book sale. Let’s just say that it’s lucky the hatch pops open with a click of a button because when we got home we needed all the hands we could get to catch falling novels.

Blueberry Café: A Dayton Treasure

On the final day before the Lincoln MKX had to go home to the dealership, we took it for a last spin to a special breakfast joint. The Blueberry Café in Dayton is just minutes from where Justin grew up in Bellbrook. We pulled up at 7:15 AM, just one of two vehicles crazy enough to try to swallow their pancakes at such an early hour. The pancakes are about the size of …let’s see…a tire. A watermelon. The biggest 45-pound weight you watch your boyfriend try to—I mean gracefully– pick up—at the gym. No exaggeration. They are an inch thick, which means that I ordered one pancake and was stuffed after eating exactly one SIXTH of it. We met a new friend Bob who is the diner’s everyday customer, the first one in the door turning on the lights (literally), and a great talker. Bob takes great pleasure in watching newbies come into the restaurant and order a stack of pancakes—only to be horrified when a massive five-pound concoction arrives before their greedy eyes. Okay, not greedy. They didn’t know. The Lincoln MKX carried home three to-go boxes (NOT doggie bags) that day in the back seat.

Smooth Sailing

The most important part of the Lincoln MKX is it boasts the absolute SMOOTHEST ride of any of the cars so far. I don’t usually notice things like a smooth ride—I’d rather have a huge moon roof or a great color, to be honest, but even I noticed this. It was like gliding, and very reminiscent of a super sweet Titanic scene I know you all want to let flood back into your memories at this very moment. Jack. Rose. At the front of the boat. Sunset. Fingers intertwined. “WE’RE FLYING JACK. JACK WE’RE FLYING!!!!” That’s what it’s like to drive a Lincoln MKX.

* * *

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