Ford F150: A Mars and Venus Perspective

We gave Brant Fischer and Katherine Foster the opportunity to spend a week with the all-new Ford F150. Brant is a Project Engineer for Messer Construction Co. here in Cincinnati and the perfect candidate to critique the F150. Below in their own words Brant and Katherine describe their week from both a male and female perspective. (Full Disclosure: Brant and Katherine were not compensated for their review).

Brant: Envy of the Construction Site:Lebanon Ford's 2010 Ford F150

The first full day I had with the 2010 Ford F150 started out with my daily commute across the river to the construction site, where I am a manager. Each morning we have our daily huddle meeting with our crews outside of the office trailer next to where we park. As I rolled up into the parking lot, I saw 20 sets of eyes follow my truck across the lot and to my parking space. As soon as I got out of the truck, I immediately received many ohhs and ahhs. I could tell by their expressions that they were jealous of the fine truck sitting in my parking space.

Most of my use of the truck basically just consisted of me driving the truck on my regular route to work. I had the chance to explore many of the amazing features that the truck came with. One of my favorite features was the air conditioned seats. I’ve never seen air conditioned seats in any vehicle, let alone an F150. Another feature I enjoyed was the Bluetooth connectivity to the stereo. Because I have an Android phone that allows Bluetooth connections, I was able to hook the phone up to the truck’s radio and use it to make and receive phone calls and even play my Pandora radio stations through the stereo in the truck!

This truck is truly amazing. Not only are there the features mentioned above, but the suspension has advanced far from the days of me owning a 1990 F150 Lariet to the almost super-duty like ride of 2010. The 5.4 L engine provided an endless amount of tork, perfect for activities like boat towing. The space seems almost endless, with four doors and a full-sized backseat. I was able to fill the backseat up with about 15 bags of groceries and still had enough room for comfortable seating. I also gave a ride to four grown men in the truck. All of us had comfortable leg room, and we could have easily and comfortably fit one more person.

The attention to everyday detail, like the amount of space for passengers, and the small things that people overlook, like the through-door side window defroster, rear-window defroster (the first I’ve ever seen on a truck) and the heated seats would add comfort during the winter seasons in Ohio. The auto-dimming mirrors were extremely beneficial, especially on the highway, to avoid being blinded while driving and compromising safety.

Another great safety feature was the rearview camera, which helped a lot with parking and would be extremely helpful with hooking up a trailer of any kind. One downfall could be becoming dependent on the camera, as it’s not an adequate replacement for mirrors and your eyes, so it’s still important to physically turn your head.

The gas mileage wasn’t superb, as I only got a 13.2 MPG average for the week that I drove it, but if you can afford this truck’s high price tag (with all the added features), gas prices shouldn’t be much of a worry!

Overall, any man would dream of having this truck. I myself was sorry to give it back, and someday hope to be able to afford the Ford F150! Ford really has thought of almost everything… the only extra that I could even think of adding would be massaging seats, but then no one would ever want to leave the truck to actually work!

Katherine: I just hadn’t met you yet…Lebanon Ford's Ford F150 Interior

I won’t lie – I’m not much of a truck fan. When we got the F150 for the week, I was amazed at the enormous size – a HUGE difference from the Ford Ranger that Brant drives now. I sort of laughed about it, thinking, “How in the world are we going to drive this thing?!” I must say… I was pleasantly surprised and quickly won over.

Getting into the truck was kind of like getting into a technological heaven. Not only were the average features (CD player, radio, etc) available, but we also had access to the Sirius satellite radio. I was a huge fan, because I’ve heard about Sirius, but have never actually had a chance to use it. There are hundreds of stations to choose from – genres devoted to the 80s and 90s as well as the 50s and 60s, rock stations, different country stations, and, my personal favorite, “Siriusly Sinatra.” I didn’t think it could get much better than that until we discovered the Bluetooth compatibility feature, where we hooked Brant’s phone up and were able to play Pandora through the stereo. Brant was also able to make and receive phone calls through the radio while driving – a GREAT safety feature!

One of my other favorite features was the ability to control the temperature on both sides of the truck. Brant likes the temperature to be icy cold, and usually I start whining 15-20 minutes into a trip about how cold I am. With the F150 I was able to turn my side’s temperature up and he got to keep his side cool! I was also won over on the air conditioned seats – a nice change from the burning-hot leather seats of my car when it sits in the sun all day. You can even control the temperature of the seats, making it high heat to high cooling, a feature I’d love during the winter when I am freezing!

I was impressed by the amount of leg room in the truck. Not only is the front seat huge and roomy, making long car rides comfortable, but there is a full-sized backseat as well. We fit a ton of groceries in the backseat (we usually have to put them in the truck bed of the Ranger) and there was still enough room for 1-2 people to sit comfortably!

I don’t know anything about the “power” or “tork” of vehicles, but I do know a little something about gas mileage. I was impressed at the fact that it probably holds 40 gallons of gas… until I realized how much money that would cost to fill up the tank. It only got about 13 MPG during the week that we drove it, so you do the math… it’s not cheap. My guess is that if you can afford the truck it probably doesn’t matter how much you’re spending on gas. :)

Overall, I was really impressed with the Ford F150 and was really bummed when we had to give it back. It’s much too big for a girl like me who likes small, sporty cars to drive, but I wish Brant could afford to buy one. I’d definitely recommend this truck for anyone who loves trucks – especially someone who wants a truck that has it all!

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