Week Fifteen: On the Road to Bristol

As the Ford Project Mission One is wrapping up, Justin and I took a long weekend trip to Hilton Head. Let’s just say there was no lack of ideas on the road. The vehicle industry was everywhere, from advertisements on trucks for the new Ford Fiesta and Ford Explorer, to the massive amount of fans, competitors, and NASCAR junkies heading to and from the Sprint Cup race in Bristol, TN.┬áThe biggest steering wheel ever–the new Ford Explorer on the side of a semi.

We also saw the pre and post caravans of the NASCAR warriors. Bristol is a very interesting racetrack because it is less than a mile long and is basically like a pack of cars racing in a football field. The Bristol race is considered one of the best to see being that it is the most fan friendly (you can see the whole track) which is unique (at no other track can you see the whole thing at one time).It sounds like an angry bees nest and due to the small size has a ton of wrecks and action, so the fans heading there and back were more than anxious to brag about the adventure.


We also passed the semi of, what Justin would refer to the rest of the trip as “The God of NASCAR’s son.” #88= Dale Earnhardt Jr.

And another star, Kevin Harvick.


Hilton Head was beautiful as expected with sun and 85 degree weather the entire trip. What suprised me was my new found knowledge and respect for NASCAR autoracing. For fans and drivers alike I realized racing is more than a sport it is almost like a religion, with a following that clearly travels far and wide to observe the spectical. Not to mention the old saying held true, that your job follows you around, the Ford Semi on I-75 reminded me of this.