Your Puppy, Your Car, and You: The Basics

Cesar Millan in his ‘how to’ book How to Raise the Perfect Dog: Through Puppyhood and Beyond suggests baby steps when training your puppy, so Lilly and I started out with a simple introduction and focused on our getting in and out routine.

Your Puppy, Your Car (And You) from Samantha Roberts on Vimeo.

Materials: 1 crate, 1 comfy blanket and a couple of treats

1. Use the treat to entice her sense of smell and lead her to where you would like her to go.

2. Make sure you and your puppy are clam and relaxed during each step before your move on to the next. If any behavior you do not approve of starts to happen stop it before it escalates and problems can be stopped before they get a chance to control your life. A super easy way to make sure your puppy stays relaxed is to let her complete the steps at her own pace.

* * *

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