Changing Gears: Riding Shotgun

You’ve eaten, slept, changed clothes, solved the world’s problems, and sang your absolute loudest in your car. In fact, this year you’ll spend between 21 and 38 DAYS (including nights) in that little space—however cozy or rage-filled it may be. Over two weeks is a serious amount of collective time to spend in even the hottest car on the market. Issues come up…

How to (best) load groceries. Road etiquette—like turning off those brights! Relationship gripes such as getting your feet off his dash, or throwing his dirty gym clothes in your back seat. There’s a lot of life to explore in such a small space.

For the next few months, Justin and I will tackle the newest blog mission “Riding Shotgun,” exploring these issues and more.

What topics would you like to see us take up? Maybe you’re fascinated that your best thinking happens on your commute, or that certain city cops are more picky with speed limits than others.  Maybe you really want someone to invent the doggie seatbelt. That bizarre sign or specialized license plate that keeps catching your eye? It’s all part of the Riding Shotgun experience. No ideas are off limits. Enter one in the comment section, and check out the blog in the upcoming months!