The Classic Fight



Toes on the dash. Socks on the windshield. Hanging those long legs out the passenger window on a long trip. It’s the classic his and hers car fight, and it isn’t going anywhere—FOR A REASON.

When you force us to sit in your little car, or even not so little truck, things get uncomfortable. I’m not even going to pull the two back surgeries, sore hips card. It’s just more comfortable to get comfortable in your car. Windshields can be washed, and notice how your dashboard looks the exact same before and after my pretty pink striped socks have been resting on it. You must be seeing imaginary dirt. Don’t you want us to feel safe, cozy, and all curled up in your passenger seat? It’s part of it.

Finally, a vehicle is meant to be lived in, not preserved like a museum relic. What good is a comfortable ride if you can’t really settle into the seat? I know you think the perfect girl would sit straight up and down, both feet on the floor, hands in the lap, never using the visor mirror, dashboard, cup holder, or really anything else that involves touching your precious baby. When you meet a girl like that, let me know. Until then, I’m going to kick back and enjoy the ride.


An hour to wash the exterior, 45 minutes on the wheels and tires, and TWO HOURS to properly clean the interior of my F-150.  Girls, I think I’ll speak for the male population on this one, what do you want? You expect my truck clean for our date or trip but not five minutes down the road you already are junking it up. Talk about appreciation for MY hard work.

Now before you get all defensive let me finish making my point. The human body, male or female, secretes oil from the leg and especially the foot. When you place both on my dash and windshield those oils are transferred to my freshly cleaned interior. Thus, my hard work to impress you is all for not due to the smudges on the dash and windshield. The best part, is when you get out I get the reminder of your transgression every time I drive until I clean it again because your smudge stays on the windshield almost like a sarcastic signature.

To sum it up ladies, we as men love you women but please think before you get too comfortable in your man’s truck. Tell you what, if the next time you hop in my truck you want to stretch out, just plain don’t! Or promise your man you will clean the inside to make it up to him. With either choice you will show that you love your man, respect his space, and know how hard he works to impress you.

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