Lilly Gets a New House Thanks to Ford Focus

Besides the sunsets, I’ve been keeping track of time by watching Lilly grow. She’s easily doubled her size since we brought her home. She’s gotten so big that she outgrew the cage we borrowed from my parents.

dog in car image

She takes up a whole seat in the Jeep now, and her personality does, too. She likes to sprawl out when she sleeps, so we decided to get her a bigger house. We headed over to shopping center near Hyde Park, which I affectionately call “The Food Court,” because we go there and eat so much, and hit up Petmart. The Focus carted us over, and I was thinking we might have to put the large, skinny box in the back seat to make it fit. The trunk was plenty big, we could’ve fit a few hundred pounds of milkbones in there too, but we didn’t (sorry Lilly). We bought a really nice metal cage that she can easily see out of because she settles down much faster at bedtime when she can see her surroundings, and that we aren’t leaving her alone. It came with a center piece that is adjustable so as she grows, we can give her more and more space. I love that idea because we won’t have to do this again. That is, unless she turns out to be 80 pounds  [>.<]

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complete petmart image

Ford Focus Trunk pic

ford focus trunk image

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