In my car

I’ve lost:
My favorite pair of workout shorts,
Three ID’s,
Six cans of beans,
Two blankets meant for emergencies,
600 Kleenex
The lid to my center compartment,
50 pens,
A whisk and a spatula,
The vehicle information book,
My voice, singing my favorite songs louder than the radio.

I’ve lost
A pearl earring,
A black necklace,
The only headband that didn’t hurt my ears.
Water bottles,
Granola bars,
Brand new packs of gum,
A few lunch boxes,
A peanut butter sandwich.

I’ve lost

My mind,

My purse,
My keys
My backpack
My boyfriend
My next boyfriend
My purse. Again.

I’ve lost

Seven bottles of water,
Sixteen hair ties,
Awful burnt CDs,
The gas cover,
A floor mat,
The Brake pads.

I’ve lost

Trust for others,
and my sense of security
that the road, and the world,
is safe.

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