2012 Ford Focus ST: Take the Inside Line on Focus ST

2012 Ford Focus image

Some, maybe most will agree car shows are pretty sweet. But what’s even sweeter is when the vehicles on stage are actually being released in the United States. At the 2010 Paris Auto Show Ford Motor Company showcased their new global preformance vehicle the Focus ST. Check out the video below to hear Jost Capito, Director of Global Performance Vehicles speak to Inside Line’s Alistair Weaver about the ST and Ford’s new global preformance strategy.

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Quick Video Excerpt: Inside Line’s Alistair Weaver speaks with Jost Capito, Director of Global Performance Vehicles. Jost explains the “Focus ST is Ford’s first global performance vehicle.”  Which has been made feasible because the two performance organizations Ford Team Racing Europe and SVT, based in the US have been combined into a single global Performance Vehicle Organization. The Focus ST will be the newly founded organizations’ first globally producted vehicle.

But most importantly, Jost assures this Focus ST will be the same vehicle launched in the United States early 2012.

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