2012 Ford Police Interceptor: I Might Like to Get Arrested

After Sam sent me this article, I decided I would really like to get arrested, just to check out the new 2012 Ford Police Interceptor. I mean, dang… Plus this puppy is the lap of luxury as far as detainees are concerned. The doors open wider for ease of loading/unloading, which is great for handcuffed people being escorted into a cruiser, but will totally ruin Hollywood’s favorite angry-cop-“accidentally”-bangs-a-bad-dude’s-head-on-the-door gag. Thanks a lot Ford.

The new Interceptor, which replaces the Crown Victoria based Interceptor (which hasn’t seen a re-design in 15 years) is a much needed boost to Ford’s police vehicles. In recent years Ford has seen real competition for the blue-and-white business from competitors. The answer is this Taurus based cruiser, with modifications like stab-proof seat inserts, bullet-proof door panels, and an electrical system that is ready for customization.

But the really, really, REALLY exciting part: rumors that the “utility version” of the new Interceptor will be based on the Flex. OMG! Can you imagine how sweet that could be? I bet there’s tons of room for Perps in that thing. Who’s with me?

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  • I think both the Taurus and the Flex will be awesome platforms for both the Interceptor and a utility type vehicle for K-9 units and other needs for a larger vehicle. The Police departments will really appreciate the update in style and efficiency while maintaining the amazing ride and comfort of the outgoing Crown Vic.

    Bullet-proof doors, stab-proof seats? Awesome.

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