2011 Ford Fusion Sport: Sporty, But Yet Classy and Sleek

Ford Fusion Sport interiorMany of you already know about our driving program we call Drive One for a Week. For those who don’t here’s a quick run down of the program. We give select individuals the opportunity to drive any Ford or Lincoln vehicle of their choosing for one week. They have a 250 mile limit and gas purchases are taken care of by Lebanon Ford. While they have the vehicle they’re asked to share on Facebook, Twitter, and/or YouTube their experiences throughout the week. This past week we gave Katherine Foster a brand new 2011 Ford Fusion Sport to drive for 7 days. Written below in her own words were her overall impressions of the Fusion Sport.

Katherine: “It was sporty, the way I like it, but also classy and sleek.”

I got to drive a 2011 Ford Fusion Sport for a week. My first thought was “woww… what a car.” Once I got in, I was surprised at all the space. It’s a REALLY roomy car for something that doesn’t look that big from the outside!

I drove my co-workers to lunch one day, and also picked my best friend up to drive her somewhere while I had the car. They were so impressed with the look of the car and the sportiness! Two of my co-workers sat in the backseat, and one of them commented about how roomy it was. Then she told me (excitedly) that she was crossing her legs… in the backseat and still had PLENTY of room. Another thing that they all thought was cool was the lighting in the car, and the fact that you have the option of different colors (pink, blue, green, yellow, etc) or off. This isn’t something really necessary BUT it was cool, and adds to the class and sophistication of the car.
As I said in my review of the F150, I really know nothing about tork, and engines, and everything technical about a car. But I know a little something about speed, and DAMN, is that car a speed queen. Barely a little push on the gas and I was flying down Rt 50, going way faster than the speed limit, without even really knowing it. Another thing I enjoyed about the car was the fact that it was so quiet. I didn’t HAVE to have the stereo (more about that in a min) cranked up, because I could hear the song at a reasonable level, unlike in my car. I know Brant mentioned that he liked how smooth the turns were in the car, and how easy it drove — something I also noticed. It immediately goes, with none of the jerkiness that my car sometimes has when you accelerate too fast.

I got spoiled with the backup camera, and the blind spot detectors on the mirrors. The backup camera is very clear, and when you get close to something it beeps faster and faster until you are out of the way of whatever is behind you. I had put the car into reverse, and hadn’t started backing up yet, but the beeping went CRAZY because a car was behind me. The blind spot detectors were really handy, especially since the car does have a much bigger blind spot than mine.

The one thing I didn’t like was the accented interior. I much prefer all black, but Brant really enjoyed the added color. We both wondered if that came in EVERY color, which I did admit would be kind of neat. Oh, and I also thought the gas mileage was sort of disappointing for such an awesome car. It didn’t get nearly as much as I thought it would.

I was really impressed with the car, and if I had the money, this would be the one of the top choices in cars I buy. It was sporty, the way I like it, but also classy and sleek. I highly recommend anyone who wants a sports car with a Ford price tag — it is worth it!!”

(Full Disclosure: Katherine was NOT compensated in any way shape or form for her review).

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