2012 Ford Focus Customization Now Live

2012 Ford Focus Titanium ImageFor all of us licking our chops in anticipation of the next-gen Ford Focus the wait just got a little harder. Ford has gone live with the 2012 Ford Focus online configurator. You are now able to customize your Focus hatchback, or sedan in pretty much anyway you please. Other than body shape it looks as if the only real difference between the sedan and hatchback version is with the sedan you’ll be able to receive one lower trim, the base S model. The sedan starts at $16,270 and the base SE hatchback is priced at $18,065.

After some playing around I’ve determined in my opinion the hatchback is the way to go.  It truly is amazing the difference in todays Focus model and the new re-designed look. Some real nice feature combinations include, throwing in those 18′ Alloy wheels, a moon roof, and the Sport Package for a more sporty look and feel that’s affordable. I’m seriously contemplating trading in my 2010 Fusion Sport for one of these babies. But then again I could just wait till they go live with the 2012 Ford Focus ST configurator (drool). But in the meantime build your Ford Focus and drop us a link in the comment box below to show us how your Focus looks.

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