A Purse without a Place

How do I know a man designed my car? My purse is a nomad, with no home. I set it on the dashboard, it slides into my passenger’s lap at the first red light. There’s no place for a purse, of any size, shape or style in a car. NONE. Many men have responded to this common female rant with a variety of eloquent responses like “Just put it on the floor,” or “Throw it in the trunk.” Then there’s the worst one: “Well, if it wasn’t so big you wouldn’t have that problem.” If it wasn’t so big, dear, it wouldn’t be able to hold your wallet, keys, and cell phone when you got tired of stuffing them in your pockets!

These uncompassionate individuals clearly have never had the need for some Orbit sweet mint on the highway, or caught a glimpse of a hideous hair day in the rear view mirror while sitting at a red light. The truth is, a woman’s purse has more in it than they could ever imagine. It’s her bag of tricks, and it simply needs to be within reach. You don’t have to understand.

Now, I’m not advocating purse-rummaging while driving, because we all know how many fender benders that leads to, but I am advocating having the thing within reach, just in case. You know the commercial where the guy wrecks, and his cell phone flies out of reach? Yep. He should’ve had it in a purse. I, personally, solve the problem by stuffing it into what Justin calls the “center console,” aka the hole in between the seats where stuff fits. It is worth blocking the two-cup holders. It is worth spilling coffee and occasionally shifting into neutral on accident. It’s a purse thing.

Admit it. The first person to come up with a female-centered interior is going to make the big bucks. I’ll open my purse, as I’m sure other women will, when someone makes a place for it.

Ladies, or men who have to deal with their women’s purses, what’s your secret?

  • annie ritz

    THere is NO good place to put a purse–in any car I have driven.

    Let’s get Ford to be the first to address this! Excellent idea,, Ally.
    Why has no car company addressed this need? It seems so obvious.

  • Justin Frost

    If only I had a purse…no need for such a space haha. Great post, surly something to think about!

  • Deb Peters

    Maybe because I teach English, that I know about personification…no pun intended. To me, a purse IS a person! If you have a purse like mine, you know it has character, flamboyancy, and carries it’s own weight. Why wouldn’t a car maker make a spot for it….would you drive a car without a passengar seat? The ONLY car that worked for me, was my van. It had nothing between the drivers seat and the passengar seat!! Of course, that was in the olden days..dunno if we even had seat belts. Regardless, there WAS a place for my purse, and even enough room for my tote bag!!

  • Alexandra

    Good point Deb! I never thought about a van! I think a purse hook (a really strong one, for your purse) would be FAB

  • Jeanne

    How did you know that I have this problem all the time. The console is convenient, but not for a purse! How many times have I put it in the back seat without closing it and a sudden stop and then it happens. The contents fall out and slide under the seat. Some things aren’t retrieved until I go to the car wash and they find them. Coins, lip liners, tubes of chapstick which is essential this time of year.

    If I don’t put my cell phone in the cup holder between the seats it rings and I can’t get to it! Wish I could let a ringing phone just ring!! But alas, where will my husband put his cup of coffee that takes up the entire space made for two cups?

    Solution: Have the cup holders attached to the front of the dashboard, take the compartment that holds other things, but has a lid on it away. There is nothing of any importance in there anyway, and open up that space for a purse to sit in. It will be safe, not fall over, and solve a multitude of problems.

  • Alexandra Barlow

    Jeanne: Great idea! You really have it figured out! My favorite part is your husband taking up the entire space haha.Thanks for the input!