Ford Fusion: The Ambient Lighting

Ford ambient lighting pic

The Ford Fusion was the first car with ambient lighting that Mark and I were able to test drive.  And yes, I have to admit I am a little disappointed not every car has this feature. The car allows you to cycle through different colors and then which ever color your choose glows softly out of the cup holders, on all pasengers feet and in the arm rest. It was amazing. When we needed to relax we turned it to the aqua blue color, when is was cold out we turned it to red  and the car immediately felt a little warmer.

It is a great feature but it still feels like it is in its beginning stages. Mark and I thought of a few ideas Ford can use to kick it up a notch.

1.) Pulsing to your music.

2.) Flashing when your phone rings.

3.) A mode that cycles through all the colors.

4.) Having the dash change color as well.

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