We Review the Oldest Bar in Cincinnati: Mt. Adams Bar and Grill

Mount Adams Bar and Grill is a one of those low key establishments which make such an impression on you it forces you to return again and again. The history of this place dates back to the prohibition era of 1919 and was founded by the infamous Cincinnati bootlegger, George Remus. Fun fact: Did you know this is the oldest bar in Cincinnati?

Mt Adams Bar and Grill imagesMark, Samantha and I headed down to 938 Hatch Street in Mt. Adams to grab a drink and have some lunch. When we walked in we were immediately greeted and seated. The host had a tremendous personality and humor. He seemed to understand the perfect balance of interacting and conversing with customers without crossing the line into realm of annoyance.

I went big on my purchases and went with a bowl of clam chowder and wait for it, a grilled cheese. You will learn as we do more of these reviews I’m a sucker for two things: Macaroni n’ Cheese and Grilled Cheese. The clam chowder was excellent, although didn’t quite trump the bowl I had on the docks of the Pacific ocean in Seattle last winter. But I will say this, it’s the best clam chowder I’ve had in Ohio. the grilled cheese was excellent as well. Perfectly made with the cheese nice and gooey, stringing apart as you break apart the halves. Expect your meal portions to be very reasonable for the price. Initially we were excepting this place to be slightly on the expensive side but to our surprise it wasn’t at all. We didn’t get the feeling of being robbed for a meal, or regretting any of our purchasing decisions.

Now on to the housekeeping items, the Men’s and Woman’s restrooms were clean and tidy which tells you they more than likely take care of their kitchen in the same fashion. The quality of service was excellent, our waitress came over to our table frequently but not to often to ask how we were doing and if was our meal to our liking. The man who seated us even came over to check on us. The temperature was very comfortable, it wasn’t too cold or too warm something that plagues many restaurants and pubs. The decor inside gives off a very classy old American feel, as if you had just walked into George Remus’s speakeasy bar in 1919.

One of the best things about Mt. Adams Bar and Grill is the location. Mt Adam’s has some of the best nightlife around Cincinnati. Don’t hesitate to plan the perfect evening dining with your closest friends or significant other followed by drinks and music around the many different establishments. Heading there during this time of year, with the ground covered in snow gives the intimate streets a fantastic semblance of colonialism. I give Mt Adams Bar and Grill a 4 out of 5 cars.

Mt. Adams Bar and Grill Image

Mark’s Take.

The Mt. Adams Bar & Grill feels like a real home-town eatery even when you’re an out of towner. The decor was a nice blend of Americana and historical memorabilia, like the huge western style mirror backed bar area, complete with hunting trophies and antique gun collection. For some reason I found myself counting bar seats, there were 11, and I think even with a full crowd it would be a great place to meet some friends for lunch, or drop by after work for a beer.

I had the tuna melt sandwich and upgraded from potato chips to French fries, the waitress let me know there would be an up charge, and in hindsight it wasn’t worth it, since the fries weren’t that good.  The tuna melt however was  fantastic. You got a choice of white or wheat bread, a delicious tuna salad inside and just enough melted cheese to tie it all together. At first I was worried because the tuna was dark and I am used to light tuna, but after trying it I loved it. I eat a lot of tuna melts, and this is the second best I’ve had (and if they served it on marbled rye, it would contend for first place).

the great lunch and extremely friendly staff, crowd of local business people out for lunch all rolled into an authentic pub atmosphere means I’ll be headed back to Mt. Adams Bar & Grill. I rate it a 4 out of 5 for a nice casual lunch spot.

Samantha’s Take.

The Host seated us as soon as we walked in and quickly greeted each of the guests that walked in behind us by name. The interior made me feel a little like I expect London in the afternoon to feel like. We sat in a wooden booth surround by clinking glasses and people who had obviously been here many times before.

My BLT Cheese for $6.50 was a deal. The bread was perfectly toasted and the bacon crispy, but I would have liked to see a soup and ½ sandwich,  with the addition of my cup of clam chowder at $3.75 I had lost my deal, plus it was a little too much to eat. I will defiantly be going back, maybe this time with a friend to share my soup and sandwich with because they were delicious. For lunch I give Mt. Adam’s Bar and Grill a 5 out of 5 for the welcoming and unique atmosphere.

(Disclaimer: We all agreed the atmosphere would definitely vary depending upon which hour of the day you arrive. But rest assured no matter when you decide to head there you should know you’ll receive top notch a authentic American feel and quality service).

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