Where’s My Keys?

In the bowl. Behind the couch. In your purse. By the plant. Under the car. In the car. On top of the car. In the freezer. The key battle has been won recently in our household. It can be won in yours too with just a few quick tips. Where’s my cell phone? That’s for another day, maybe never.

Where do you put your keys when you come in the door? Oh right…you can’t answer that yet. Because you haven’t discovered THE HOOK. It can be a fish hook, a peg hook, an old dart that you make into a hook. Whatever it is, hang it up by the door, the steps, or in the foyer. A bowl will suffice too, but then you deal with all that clanking. And it looks like you left your cereal bowl by the door when you ran out in the morning…the opposite of organized. The hook, I have to say it, is key!

No, this tip is not just for the ladies. The accessory is the item you put on your keychain to make it findable—a neon mini flashlight, for example. A bejeweled pen. Something that GRABS your attention when your keys are lost in the bottom of the black hole of your purse or briefcase. The accessory adds enough bulk that keys can’t get lost in that small of a place. Can they? Ignore naysayers who claim you don’t need that much crap on your keychain. Just reply, “Trust me, I do.”

Once you find those keys, jump in the car and head to Ace Hardware, or your town’s version of it. There you will find a plethora of keys that look nothing like a key! Picture an all black key with rhinestones, or a key sprinkled with your favorite team’s logo. While this might not help you find your set of keys (when they’re gone, they’re gone, so get a spare), but it might help you find THE key when you are fumbling around on your doorstep with groceries in the other hand.



  • Chris Hodgson

    I have a Starbucks logo on my keychain! It helps me find it in the bottom of my purse. Added to that is a rock climbing hook (carribeaner sp.?) that allows me to hang it on my bookbag, purse or wherever…but, when I get home…keys are always laying next to my purse on the counter.

  • Alexandra Barlow

    Chris–You have the accessory and the hook! Very organized! Wish we all could be a little more like that =)

  • deb peters

    Key? Key to what? Answer key to the last math test. Key to my heart? The delete key? I can never seem to find any of them!! All “keying” aside, one of the best gifts I ever got was a big ass bracelet of purple beads, strung on an elastic band. I put it on my wrist. Sometimes, I look in my purse or say, where are my keys, but it is right there. I would suggest a heavy duty elastic for us who are more rough. As for finding them at home, that’s easy…because I live in a mini-pad.

  • Alexandra Barlow

    LOVE the bracelet idea…and all the “key” wordplay. It never ends!
    Where did you find such a fabulous key bracelet?