Avoiding the Winter Blues: “Fun” Strategies for a Clean Car

1. You vs. the Cold: Vacuuming Strategies
It’s freezing outside, and the last thing you feel like doing is paying quarters to vacuum. The first sub-strategy of this strategy is to minimize the time your skin actually has contact with the wind chill. To save precious minutes, sit in your toasty car and combine all the trash into one cup, bag, etc. When you do brave the cold, pitch it and start the clock—it’s you vs. the vacuum, how fast can you go? Insert the minimum number of quarters, go over the seats and big surfaces, and save the rest for spring!

2. Clutter Prevention Program
Yes, you already have to carry in your purse, workbag, lunch bag, gym bag, and grocery bag. You are far from in the mood to collect empty coffee cups and that extra pair of shoes you threw in the back in case yours were too uncomfortable to wear past noon. The secret is (get a pen!) pick one item to take in each time. Bonus—no running back outside to retrieve things once you’re in for the night. And no, hiding it all in the trunk is not a solution.

3. De-salt, pronto!
Make a point to wash down the outside every few weeks. Simple science: Salt is made to dissolve snow, which isn’t that much different than your clear coat (aka the shininess you love to show off on summer days). Whether you are of the DIY camp or you frequent the drive through wash, find somewhere that uses hot water, such as Mike’s Car Wash, or it’s a salty waste of time.

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