Which Type of Snow Scraper Are You?

Snowy days reveal more about people than we think.

The Peephole Maker
You are the driver crouched over, squinting through the tiny two inch hole you cleared on the windshield in order to drive to work “safely.” You are the type that squeaks by doing the bare minimum. Why stand outside for four minutes to clear the whole windshield when you can rub a glove over it real quick? You need to take some notes form the Clean as you Drive-r. Prepare for judgment by the OCD scraper. But don’t worry, they can’t see who you are in your polar tank. Watch out for blind spot(s).

The Clean as you Drive-r
Who has time for even a peephole when you can multitask? These are the same people you see reading and driving, applying lipstick and driving, outlining a business proposal and driving, etc. Scraping is unnecessary when you can clear off all window snow as you go with a few buttons. Ice is no match for your defroster—accessed conveniently from inside the car. You are the reason windshield wiper fluid makers are in business; alternating your wipers and over-spraying the fluid is an art form to you.  Your window is clear enough to see out of by the third or fourth exit on your commute.  A sure sign of a clean as you drive-r? Deteriorating wipers. Ice: 1 point Wipers: zero.

The OCD Scraper
Your car is spotless, and you don’t even own a garage. You allot thirty entire minutes to snow removal. You have three types of scrapers, depending on the snow amount and consistency. You are ready for anything, including six inches of ice on your windshield—because you bought the most expensive anti-ice treatment last July to be sure you were ready in time. You detest when your perfect car gets spit on going down the highway by the Clean as you Drive-r. Pass them on the left, and go about your day. It’ll be okay.

Let me know: What type of snow clearer are you?

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  • Jessica Plunkett

    I’m definitely the clean as you drive-r!! Why? Because I’m always running late – shocker, I know. Here’s a good tip for the rest of you en-route cleaners – use your windshield fluid first, then turn on your wipers at the highest speed, turn on the defroster…just keep your wipers on until all of the ice is gone. :) Ta da!

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  • Alexandra

    Haha thanks for the advice Jessica. We’ll watch out for that and not drive too close during your de-icing routine!