The Stig, The Tattoo and Top Gear

As you’ve probably guessed, we here at the Ford Life blog are kind of obsessed with Top Gear. And for the sake of clarification, the U.K. version, despite the fact that we live in Cincinnati. (We’re still waiting to see the Stateside crew find their niche.) But no matter how much we love Top Gear, or cars in general, none of us have gone quite this far.

I present one of the craziest tattoo ideas I’ve seen. Some say he invented tattoos, and that he tattooed himself with an image of himself. All we know is… he’s called The Stig!

A Tattoo of The Stig from Top Gear

To be honest, I’m not so sure about this one, but then again it’s not my… nondescript body part. And the boy’s at Top Gear seem to like a good tattoo as much as the next guy, but I wouldn’t necessarily  do it Jeremy’s way. And after seeing this next clip, I don’t think Jeremy would either.

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