Doggie Drive Thru

Anyone in a relationship looks forward to their partner’s end of the day stories—the ups, the downs, and the totally bizarre. Today’s story from Justin? I couldn’t resist sharing.

Him: “Well, today I saw a woman rolling out of Starbucks with a venti—or is it trenta now—iced coffee.”

Me: “So what?”

Him: “Her dog was with her. A golden retriever.”

Me: “Mmhmm.”

Him: “He had his own Venti latte. He was lapping it up in the passenger seat. You’d think it was a raw steak in a cup.”

Me: “Wow.”

The moral of the story? Go through McDonalds, they’ll give your dog a bone. Go through Skyline, they’ll give your dog a hot dog (how fitting). Go through Starbucks, they’ll give your dog a venti mocha choca latte frappa. What’s next? A doggie drive-thru that does hair and nails?

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  • Thanks sooo much for the information. I will be driving my doggies to skyline for the weenie for my weenie dog. With the economy in a crunch it’s great to know who give free dog food. LOL

  • Alexandra

    haha Royal is a lucky guy…or is it the other doggie? =) One more place you can take your dog: HOME DEPOT!