Tires cost how much? Why your treads are worth it [Infographic]

You may be surprised to learn that tires are the single most important part of your car when it comes to vehicle control and safety. You also might by surprised to learn one out of every ten vehicles on our roads today are driving with at least one bald tire. The infographic below details why it’s important to check your tire tread regularly for wear and tear.

Tire Infographic pic

Why check your tire tread regularly for wear and tear:

1. Heat Build-up: Airflow is needed between the road and the tire to keep the tires from getting too hot. Less tread means mor heat which can cause major tire damage.

2. Punctures: since tire tread protects the rire from punctures, worn out tread greatly increases the chance on a puncture and potential blowout.

3. Hydroplaning: Tire tread funnels water outfrom under the rire, so worn tire tread increases the risk of hydroplaning.

Here’s how you can check the condition of your tires at home:

Check Tire Pressure: the correct air pressure for your tires can be found in your owner’s manual. Use a tire pressure gauge to check your tires when your vehicle has been parked for at least three hours, or when the tires are cold.

Monitor Tread Depth: Tire tread is too low if it is 3/32 of an inch or less. Many tires have wear bars in the grooves of the tread that, when visible, indicate that the tread is too low. You can also check the tread depth with a penny, by placing it in the groove of the tread with Lincoln’s head facing downward. If any part of his head is not covered by the tread, the tires need to be replaced (Note: on larger vehicles like bigger suvs and trucks follow said steps above with a quarter).

Inspect Tires for Wear and Cracks: Cracks, cuts, and punctures can compromise your vehicle’s safety. check your tires for cracks, debris, and other signs of wear.

Make sure Tire Valves have Caps: Valve caps help a tire maintain proper inflation and keep out moisture and dirt particles.

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