Gasoline Cheaper than Chicken Broth?

It’s incredibly easy to get upset about the price of gasoline when you’re at the pump and your debit card is bleeding cash like a wounded gazelle. Believe me, filling up my ’98 Jeep Cherokee Sport (that’s right, Jeep makes Sport versions!) makes me die a little inside every time. But then I found this list of how much it would cost us to run our engines on various other liquids. It’s an interesting exercise, and a little frightening for some reason.

Alternate Fuel Costs

Price to drive 62 on alternate fuels

The list includes some really unexpected candidates, like Aquafina. That’s right, water, the second most abundant thing on this planet besides, of course, the number of times someone has said to you: “Wouldn’t it be great if cars could run on water?” The standard set by gasoline is $9.61/100km, which is roughly equivalent to 62 miles in Her Majesty’s English. To run your car on bottled water, expect to pay $14.11. Orange Juice costs even more, which might be due to it’s delicious flavor and the fact that they have to remove the pulp, rings in at $32.75. Human blood would run you $7,083.33 (prices skyrocketed after the second Twilight movie). And Hollywood’s favorite injectable disease, Botox, is worth a staggering 4 million dollars, plus some hefty change.

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