Stop Staring at Me

The eyeball cameras are still watching me at the intersections around town. No, it’s nothing new, and Iknow that. But that doesn’t make me any less nervous when I find myself skirting through a yellow light that changes too quickly to stop. More than once this week, I’ve been stuck in the intersection, waiting to turn left, and the eyeball camera won’t stop watching me. It KNOWS I won’t be able to turn until the light’s red. Then what? $100 ticket in the mail with a picture of me, staring at the taunting eyeball? I don’t think so.

Where’s the part where you get to explain yourself? The part where you say, “But it was safer to go through the light than slam on my brakes and have the idiot behind me smash into me?” But seriously. I refuse to sacrifice my spine and bumper because the eyeball cameras are on me.

At least with the traditional police catching violators, it was always immediately obvious you’d done something wrong. Sirens, lights, etc. But that’s the mysticism of the eyeball camera—you never know what IT knows. Did it catch you? Or did it give you a freebie, just this once, just this one yellow/red light? Until a month later when you get a special present in the mail. How passive-aggressive.

For all the griping and annoyance of “being watched,” credit must be given where it’s due: 159 lives were saved between 2004 and 2008 in 14 cities who implemented the intersection cameras, a new study has shown.

What’s your opinion on “being watched” ?

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