Top 25 Things You Won’t Have to Service with a Focus Electric

Ford Focus Electric picNo more standing out in the cold to fill up the gas tank, or pushing the needle to see just how far past E you can go.  No more taking time out of your busy schedule for an oil change. But what’s the catch? There isn’t. The Ford Focus Electric will allow drivers the convenience of using it without ever having to face these inconveniences.

The lack of spark plugs, plug wires, a radiator and power steering fluid allows for a minimal expense in terms of tune-ups. The Ford Focus Electric causes the worries that come along with oil, fuel, air filters, mufflers, water pumps, serpentine belts and starters, to be a thing of the past. These time saving, low cost aspects are compelling reasons to consider going electric.

The following are the 25 things that will not have to be serviced as part of owning a new Focus Electric:

Air filter




Fuel filter

Fuel injectors/fuel pump

Motor mounts

Motor oil


Oil filter

O2 sensors

Power steering fluid


Radiator hose, lower

Radiator hose, upper

Serpentine belt

Spark plugs

Spark plug wires



Timing belt

Transmission adjustment (automatics)

Transmission filter (automatics)

Transmission fluid or oil

Water pump

[Source: Ford]

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