The Merc SLS AMG at Cincinnati’s 2011 Auto Expo

This is the Mercedes SLS AMG which was featured at this years Cincinnati Auto Expo. I would now like to thank Jeremy Clarkson. With out him I might never have realized the true beauty of this car. Thank you Jeremy. It truly was a beautiful car to view in person, beautiful in the sense of elegance. The lines on this car is fantastic and completely unique. For those who aren’t familiar with the Mercedes SLS AMG here are a few specs and features: AMG-designed 6.2-liter V-8 engine pumping out 563 horsepower. It also features a new dual-clutch seven-speed transmission developed in conjunction with Getrag. While many of us may never be blessed to ride/drive one, we can most certainly gaze and appreciate its brilliance.

I took this picture for Clarkson. You're welcome Jeremy.

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