Vicki O’Neill Speed Dating on the Edge

Vicki ONeill imageVicki O’Neill is a 15-year marketing veteran and a digital marketing / social media geek (quite like myself). She’s also an active mom of two fabulous daughters (ages 12 and 10). Vicki on her website describes herself as an unexpected, passionate and engaging woman who loves life. Traits which mirror the vehicle she chose to drive for a week, the 2011 Ford Edge Limited. Edge is an unexpectedly luxurious experience that not only engages the eye through its passionate kinetic design; but also engages the driver through it’s state-of-the-art MyFord Touch infotainment system.

Vicki shared her week through a mixture of tweets and blog posts which used a speed dating style to detail certain aspects of the vehicle which left the biggest impression. From spaciousness of the interior to conveniences such as: heated seats, heated side mirrors, voice-activated blue-tooth technology and dual climate control she covers the Edge from top to bottom. Below you’ll find an excerpt from one of her blog posts as well as a selection of tweets from @vickioneill’s twitter stream during week with Edge.

Once I get past imagining myself driving the car….with my kids and their friends…my first question when considering a new car is how safe is it? I admit having kids definitely takes my “caution” level to new heights. I’m definitely a “taxi mom” for my daughters and sometimes their friends. Of course I want the latest and greatest in safety features.  So, guess what? The Ford Edge has ‘em.

When buying a car, the first thing I want to know is if it’s rear wheel drive. Yes, seriously. Geesh. If it’s rear wheel drive – even if it’s sporty, powerful and all around full of awesomeness  – it’s not the car for me (given my current life style).  I need a vehicle with front or all-wheel drive.  It’s safer and easier to maneuver in these crazy Ohio winters!! The anti-lock brakes are a bonus – and a “must have”.  We know how drivers can sometimes get confused with which lane is really the fast lane (or they think it’s opposite day!). Well, sometimes it’s important to have this feature for that random driver that makes us go “What the H?” (that’s H for “Heck”, #justclarifyin).

Cincinnati Ford Edge pic

Dayton Ford Edge pic

Dayton Ford Edge picture

Dayton Ford Edge image

Lebanon Ford pic

Lebanon Ford image Vicki’s week with the Ford Edge caught the interest of @MegCarver from Yellowsprings, OH who will be participating in our Drive One for a Week program in March. With that being said that”s my shameless plug for the week. Thanks Vicki for the mad props. If you’d like to read more about Vicki’s week with the Ford Edge. Check  out her blog

(Full Disclosure: Vicki O’Neill was not compensated in any way before or during her week with the Ford Edge. However, like all Drive One for a Week participants she will be receiving a VIP Card granting them special and unique service and sales prices.)

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