Ford Motor Buys Highschoolers a Day Off

Highschoolers picI think anyone who remembers being 15 (and a half!) knows that driving school was pretty, as they say, lame. But you know what is awesome? When Ford pulls up to your high school and you get to leave class and drive cars!

Ford’s Driving Skills for Life program is making a 30 city tour to offer free driving lessons to teens. Why haven’t we heard about this all over the place? C’mon Ford, market this idea, put up cones at every highschool across America. Talk about brand loyalty. Can you imagine getting to cruise through an obstacle course in a mustang, while the AP English class stares out the window in Shakespearean levels of envy? This is what gym should be for all modern American children. Dodgeball, then powersliding in a Mustang, then BOTH AT ONCE! Make it happen, Obama!


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