In Social Media Marketing Think Strategy Before the Tool

Been mulling over this topic for some time as I’ve been experimenting with social media at Lebanon Ford for little under a year now; as well as observing how other dealers and vendors are not only utilizing but also selling the space.

As an industry we’re missing the bigger picture…
house imageAsk yourself: Would you first assemble your tools then afterwards begin planning out what you’d like to build? Or, would you first take the time to conceptualize what you’d like to build; perhaps it’s a nice shed to store your lawn mower and gardening equipment or perhaps you’ve decided to think bigger and build your next home.  If you subscribe to the former school of thought you’ll quickly realize the tools it would require to build something large as a house are much different than those to build a back yard storage shed.

This viral mentality which seems to have spread throughout our industry of tool first, strategy second is one of the main causes of the frustration/confusion we’re having with understanding social media-marketing and how to properly synergize it with other communication and marketing strategies. But who’s a fault for this misguidance? I have my suspicions which I’ll cover at a later date.

For now, quit seeing Facebook, Twitter, etc. as the house (or just a destination) and start seeing it as the tool to build the house. While It needs to be said there’s a level of procedural complexity associated with this train of thought. Once able to wrap our minds around the concept however, we’ll have a better grasp on how to effectively utilize the space. Point blank, think strategy first, tool second not vise versa.

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