Your Car Better Watch Out for the Itsy Bitsy Spiders

With unemployment issues, an NFL lockout looming, and gas prices going through the roof, there is a lot to complain about. Yesterday Mazda owners found just one more thing to add to the list.  It seems the itsy bitsy spiders don’t just go up the waterspout—they infest gas lines of nearly 66,000 Mazda 6’s. The yellow spiders of the world have come together and decided sabotage Americans with an infestation in the car’s gas lines. Unlike other spiders that spin elaborate and large webs, the yellow spider spins a tight ball, which clogs the gas line and creates pressure. Mazda officials report that the pressure from the blockage can result in leakage. What, spiders, it’s not enough that you crawl in our mouths six times per year when we’re sleeping. Sick. Go Away. Read the full article from USA Today’s “Drive On” here.