Spring Tee Time Is Upon Us

Seasoned Ford is back with its spring edition! Guest writer Justin Frost reflects on his golf trip. Translated into non-golf speak by Alexandra Barlow.

Lebanon Ford Readers, wow has it been a long time! Justin Frost here, ready to share with you the perfect pre-spring getaway. For all the golf-a-holics and you know who you are (i.e. those who live vicariously through the golf channel every day dreaming for spring) this one is for you. Feeling like old man Ohio winter would never go away my father and I decided to get up off the couch and turn off the millionth rerun of the Hank Haney Project and go somewhere golf can be actually played. So we loaded down the car with pounds of beef jerky and golf shoes fresh from storage, and headed south for our premature golf season fix.

For this trip we picked Cambrian Ridge Golf Trail in Greenville Alabama, part of the chain of Robert Trent Jones Golf Trails. For those unfamiliar with RTJ, the man is a genius and one of the most accomplished golf course designers on the planet. His golf course was so impressive that it puts Shaker Run in Lebanon (voted one of the best public golf courses in the U.S.) to outright shame. The trip helped my father and I overcome the golf-less winter blues.

One final note, from now and until April and again from June-August are the RTJ courses off-season where the rates are dirt-cheap. With 11 total courses and over 100 miles of holes, there is something for everyone www.rtjgolf.com. Hop in your Ford and make the trip down. Eight hours? Small price to pay for the sport you love (minus $3.50/gallon gas).

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