$125 Gas Fee?

Gas costs are crazy. But $125 on top of your already brutal $50-$80 fill up is beyond ridiculous. Some stations are putting a hold of such amounts on debit cards when drivers fill up their tanks. The idea makes sense, but the results can be expensive. Okay, so they want to make sure you have enough to pay off the pumped gas, but why do they need to hold such large amounts?

The stations only hold the amount for an hour or two, but when do people usually fill up? Before an event, a date, a dinner, a trip. All places where large amounts of money could easily be spent in that time period, leading to the dreaded account overdraft. So, to prevent losing at the pump, John Matarese (Don’t Waste Your Money, from WCPO channel 9) recommends asking the station if they have such fees, using a credit card, or using the “pin number” function rather than pushing “credit” on that debit card. Also, check with your bank. Two people buying gas at the same place may have different hold amounts based on where they bank.
Gas may be expensive, but with a few simple steps, you can avoid a three-digit fee.