TomTom Scraps GPS for The Force

Darth Vader picWe now have a legitimate reason to scrap our fickle friend that is GPS and solely rely on the The Force to get us to our destination. Yes you will read this next part correctly, Star Wars voices are now available for TomTom devices. They currently have four Star Wars characters to choose from Darth Vader, C3PO (who would choose this), Yoda and Han Solo. Each character comes equipped with unique navigation recordings; and judging from the voice samples available on their site some might actually movie quotes. So, for a mere $12.95 you can wield the power of the force to wow your unsuspecting friends and family members on the way to the grocery store. Our only request is that you please leave JarJar Binks and Young Anakin Skywalker plant side. Now, “To the forward commander center, take me!”

Click to view the hilarious behind the scenes Darth Vader recording for TomTom.

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