The Lincoln Lawyer

Review Rating: 4 out of 5 HONKS

In The Lincoln Lawyer, the retro 1980’s Lincoln Town Car just got a little bit cooler, with Matthew McConaughey directing his cut throat law business out of the back seat. The surprisingly fresh film held its own, even as it featured all the typical stereotypes of a criminal defense lawyer—the cocky, rich, “player” with a junkie-like adrenaline rush for freeing criminals. But his character runs deeper than his “NT GUILTY” license plate suggests.

The “Lincoln Lawyer” has a past, and is smarter than anyone gives him credit for. When one of his creative criminal clients gets overly involved in his personal life, we find out what McConaughey’s really made of, and that he is as smooth as his ride; a true classic.

The mystery intertwines a love story (with Marisa Tomei) to keep all audiences entertained, and the film keeps us guessing until the end.  Hit FX series Sons of Anarchy fans will also appreciate the motorcycle gang the lawyer keeps by his side on the roads for protection, headed by none other than Trace Adkins himself. McConaughey may not wear deodorant, but he sure pulled this one off with class.

Sidenote for movie-goers: Anyone with a valid student ID (including college) will only pay $7.50 at Springdale Cinemas, over a whopping $10 at most other theatres around town.