Sick of Gas Prices? Become a Hypermiler

What is the Neutral gear for on a car? Saving gas, according to “Hypermilers.” You can spot them on the streets— only if they aren’t so great at it. The hypermiler coasts into stoplights, down hills, and generally avoids steering whenever possible. This strategic driving sounds like a nightmare for the car passenger, the person behind them, and generally everyone else except that driver who is saving money. But more power to you, hypermilers.

But, an American’s gotta do what an American’s gotta do, when it takes $50 to fill up a small car. Maybe you aren’t into removing your backseats to lighten your car, or parting ways with your air conditioner forever, but the hypermiler might have some tip to offer you. I prefer singing and sipping a latte while I drive vs. saving the few extra bucks, but who am I to judge?

Check out this video for some tips of the trade: How to be a Hypermiler