Are You Really Alone in your Car?

makeup car pic

I was sitting at a stoplight in Old West Chester yesterday, minding my own business, experimenting with different hairstyles in my rearview mirror. Rocker chick? Not enough hair. Professional? Not enough hair spray. Just as I was trying out a retro 50’s Jackie Kennedy look, I caught a glimpse of the man next to me. He was watching every move. Every hairstyle. Smirking at me from behind his mini van and too-small-for-his-head-sunglasses.

I felt violated! That’s when I realized that nowhere else, except from your drivers seat, can you get such a personal glimpse into other peoples’ lives. They sing. They yell at their kids. They put on mascara (and nobody can do that without opening their mouth, if you haven’t noticed). They pick their nose, their eyebrows, their teeth, their…well you get the idea.

Why do people feel they have so much more privacy in their cars than they really do? Maybe it comes from the sense of security that we all have about being in our own cars. We spend so much time in them that they become familiar…as familiar as our bathrooms, apparently. Who am I to talk? I have hairspray in my glove box, a trashcan, and about six chapsticks rolling around. But I will be more careful where I create my next hairstyle. I’ll save it for a more deserted red light next time.

Apparently people have also been ticketed for shaving at stop lights. Check out this article for more.