Cinci Police Attracted to Shiny Rims

Turns out cops have more in common with raccoons than just color scheme and that piercing stare, they also love shiny objects. Cincinnati police have begun collecting vehicles with aftermarket wheels, much to the dismay of owners, who have been complaining. They say the police targeted them when they were pulled over and had their cars confiscated on the spot.

Apparently the police are worried about rims for safety reasons, and have taken to impounding cars with over-sized rims, and inspecting them. And the cars are rolling in at 4-5 a day. So if you’re ridin’ high, precede cautiously. Owners face fines, an impound fee as well as footing the bill to tow your now useless car back home. At that point you can only hope your rims are still worth enough to sell on eBay. Not sure you’d have much luck on Craigslist, though.

Of all the modifications people do, rims seems like an odd place to start, the other day I saw a guy without doors on his Jeep. What do you think, are custom rims a danger to the public, or have the police over stepped? Leave a comment with your thoughts.

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