How To Properly Celebrate Mustang’s 47th B-Day

ford mustang imageYesterday I posted an article about Ford Mustang turning 47 this weekend. But today I discovered the most perfectest way to celebrate, drop 15grand and get yourself a 1964/65 v8 built just eleven days after it’s launch at The World’s Fair. I know what you’re thinking: “Ebay?! How much is shipping?!” No fears, the Ford Life team pledges to pay for shipping the car to Cincinnati if you decide to bid on it… but that’s just because it’s already here, for sale in the Queen City. And you know what’s weird? Sunday is April 17th, the birthday of Mustang in 1964, and that beautiful red hardtop 1964 Mustang auction just so happens to end on April 17th. I dunno, I don’t have that kind of cash, but I feel like this is someone’s destiny. Check out the images the seller posted. The Ebay auction listing can be found here.

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